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Starting your store on Slyng is easy and with no upfront costs or product listing fees. Create your store, list your products, send us the products for fulfillment & shipping and go live. When an item on your shop is sold, Slyng takes a small percentage of the profit. Sellers are responsible for shipping the items to our facility before your listings go live.

What is Slyng?

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Slyng is an online platform where businesses and shoppers come together to sell, buy, share, and educate.

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Our marketplace encourages all brands both large and small to share their products with a wide variety of today's online shoppers.

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Secure & Transparent

Our platform provides a secure and easy way to shop for authentic products straight from the brand themselves.

Frequently asked questions

The only rules we have are that all products must be new, can not contain CBD or Nicotine along with no illegal drugs or controlled substances. Slyng is an open marketplace and we welcome all sellers.
It's easy to set up your brand page on Slyng. Create a brand account, input your brand bio, list your products and ship the products directly to our fulfillment center.
On Slyng, there are no upfront fees. Once an item sells, there is a 15% commission + $2 fulfillment service fee on the profits on the sale price when an item is sold.
Funds from each sale are deposited via an ACH deposit into each seller’s bank account within 14 business days or sooner from the time of the buyer’s purchase.
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Our platform is a diverse marketplace in a vastly growing community with empowering tools to reach and sell to a world of shoppers.

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