Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers are the most popular vaporizers. These handheld vaporizers are compact and can be used on the go or at home for dry herbs and wax concentrates (dabs). For a discreet, convenient, powerful


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Where Did The Portable Vaporizer Come From?

It would seem that portable vaporizers came out of nowhere. But the truth is, the idea behind portable vaporizers came way before the popular handheld vapes ended up in consumers’ hands.

Who is the portable vape founder? Eagle Bill Amato, a medicine man of the Cherokee tribe. Amato knew that a special chamber that held the herb could be heated via lighter in order to vaporize the herb. The vaporization was achieved below the combustion point.

Medicine man Amato was also the first known to design and market a portable vape. It was launched in 1994, cleverly named the Shake and Vape. It was also a convection heated handheld vaporizer.

Why Are Portable Vaporizers So Innovative?

Compact, easy to use, convenient, smooth, and powerful. These are the factors that smokers love about portable vaporizers. They are innovative vaping devices that users can take on the go, as well as use at home or work.

But how did handheld vaporizers become so innovative, evolving from Eagle Bill Amato’s first vape? The innovation actually came from consumer demand. The people wanted better, faster, and more versatile vaporizers. This led vape designers and manufacturers toward amazing innovation.

Portable vaporizers are becoming more and more advanced every year. There are now mobile app controls, temp control, convection heating technology, more compact, sleek designs, and greater variety via cannabis and concentrate vapes (wax and oil). The innovation will not slow anytime soon.

Why Buy Handheld Vaporizers?

The versatility and variety of handheld vaporizers have made them popular. In fact, portable vapes have become a staple for smokers around the world. From herb to concentrates, they are more popular in the vape industry than desktop vaporizers. 

The 3 main features portable vaporizers serve up:

  • Handheld “On-The-Go” Vapes. Just as the name entails, portable vaporizers are portable, letting on the go smokers enjoy their herbs and concentrates everywhere. Often powered via USB charge, you can power up and smoke at home, at the beach, on a hike, and more. You hit the handheld vape, enjoy a flavorful smoke, and slip it back into your pocket.
  • Discreet Vapes. Portable vapes are indeed discreet. They can be concealed in your hand between hits, as well as fitting in your pocket without a bulky, bulging experience. And since many handheld vaporizers are Bluetooth ready, users can select temperature and set other features via their smartphones.
  • Quality Experience. The compact, discreet design of portable vaporizers doesn’t mean that the quality of the hit is compromised. These small vape devices deliver strong, flavorful, aromatic hits you would expect from a desktop unit.

Best Portable Vaporizers Online

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