Discreet Vaporizers

Discreet vaporizers are portable vapes that can be easily concealed. Discreet vapes come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. From handheld to pocket size, this type of portable vaporizer is perfect


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What Makes Discreet Vaporizers So Discreet?

Discreet vapes are low-key, portable vaporizers that you can take with you everywhere. For example, some low-profile vaporizers like vape pens look and write like real pens, but hit as smooth and as hard as other not so discreet vapes. And just because these types of vape units are so small, doesn’t mean they lack in functionality and features. Discreet vapes serve up a number of options and enhanced features vape enthusiasts love.

What Features Do Discreet Vapes Have?

For obvious reasons, the most popular feature of discreet vapes is discreteness. These vape devices are compact, convenient when on the go, and easy to use. Another popular feature low-key vaporizers boast is they still provide a smooth, aromatic, and powerful smoke.

Low-key vaporizers are also pretty innovative. These devices have functionality that other not so discreet vapes have as well. For instance, you can connect your vape to your smartphone to set heating controls, and other features.

Discreet vaporizers are also versatile when it comes to vaping preference. You can vape cannabis, as well as cannabis concentrates (oil and wax). Vape enthusiasts are getting features they want using low-profile vaporizers, making them very popular.

Discreet Vaporizers And Concentrate Cartridges

Discreet vaporizers and concentrate cartridges go hand-in-hand. There are two parts to concentrate cartridge vapes. The actual vape device and the cartridge packed with cannabis liquid.

Why use discreet concentrate cartridge vaporizers? It takes low-key vaping to the next level by eliminating the smell of cannabis. Not only do you have a handheld vaporizer that is low-profile, but you also don’t need to worry about exhaling the noticeable smell of cannabis.

The other benefit of low-key concentrate cartridge vaporizers is that they are easy to load when on the go. Once a cartridge is empty and finished, you simply toss it and put another cannabis cartridge in the vape device.

What Is A Discreet Dab Pen?

Dab pens are a bit different than your standard vape pen. Vape pens are discreet, but they are only designed for vape cartridges that contain oil, or some type of distillate. A dab pen, also known as a wax pen, is used to consume dabs. Dabs contain an unknown dosage of concentrate.

Do dab pens still use concentrate? Yes. Same discreet vaporizer design? Yes. However, the use is slightly different. To load a wax pen, you need to place the concentrate into the heating chamber. No cartridge needed.

Why are dab pens popular? Versatility in types of concentrates. Since dab pens are not limited to cartridges, these discreet vape devices can be used to consume wax and shatter.

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