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Desktop vaporizers are the OGs of vaping cannabis and cannabis concentrates. Also known as table vaporizers, they were a staple vape for medical marijuana users. Desktop vaporizers have evolved, providing


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Why Choose Desktop Vaporizers? 

Desktop vaporizers provide a powerful, clean cannabis and cannabis concentrate smoke. If you want to get the most THC from every hit, desktop vaping is the way to go. The biggest difference in table vaporizers from portable vaporizers is that they are stationary. Hence the name, “table vaporizer.” 

One of the benefits, and why you may choose a desktop vaporizer, is the different innovative parts and technology table vapes serve up. This is what gives cannabis connoisseurs the best, highest-quality THC vapor.

There is one downside when choosing a desktop vape. The price of desktop vaporizers is higher than the smaller, portable vape alternatives. But if you want a home vaping device that is sure to satisfy, the investment is worth it. With proper maintenance, a desktop vaporizer can last a long time.

How Do Desktop Vaporizers Work?

Table vapes are actually pretty simple to use. The main steps include loading the chamber, powering up the device, picking your preferred temp, and hitting the vape once heated. It is that easy.

For the smoker, not much involved. But the innovation behind desktop vaporizers is a bit more complex. The inner-workings of these cannabis smoking devices include digital interfaces, precision temperature, and convection heating.

  • Digital Vape Interfaces: The reason table vaporizers are so easy to use is that they have technologically advanced digital control interfaces. The digital vape controls allow you to choose the temperature, enable forced air, and choose desired fan speeds.
  • Precision Table Vaporizer Temperature: A feature that separates desktop vaporizers from portable vapes is the ability to control the temperature. Most portable vapes have a preset temp. Table vapes give smokers options based on their preference of heat. This allows you to customize the flavor, density, aroma, and more. Most units have temperature ranges between 104F to 446F.
  • Convention Vape Heating: Portable vaporizers have conduction heating, but desktop vaporizers have convection heating. What’s the difference? Convection heating forces heated air into every open space of the cannabis, ensuring the entire bowl is vaporized. This is what serves up the smooth, flavorful, and pure hit you love. 

What Are The Different Desktop Vaping Styles? 

Vaping with a desktop vaporizer normally entails two very distinct vaping styles. These are whip vaping style and balloon vaping style. Each of these table vaping styles has advantages. It really depends on your smoking preference. 

There is one common vaping benefit both vaping styles deliver. Cool hits that deliver a very smooth inhale. This is what smokers, whether recreational or medical enjoy the most. Big, smooth hits.

  • Whip Vaping: Whip vaping is simply taking hits from your desktop vaporizer through a silicone, rubber tube. This is the most popular way to vape with a table-top unit. Whips and wands come in a variety of sizes and types of materials used. These vaporizer accessories are fun to play around with.
  • Balloon-Bag Vaping: The non-tethered approach to vaping with your desktop vaporizer is balloon-bag vaping. Using a bag or balloon, you can vape free from the table or desktop. This vaping style using a desktop unit is great for parties and small gatherings.

Where Can I Buy The Best Desktop Vaporizers Online?

If you’re looking for the best desktop vaporizers at the best price, we have the best selection of vapes for you. Do you have more questions about desktop vapes or vaping? Contact us or check out our blog for the latest news and reviews.