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Vape atomizers like RDAs and RTAs deliver the best vaping experience on the planet. Atomizers serve up massive vape clouds and unprecedented vaping functionality like heat and flavor control. Vape lovers


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How Does A Vape Atomizer Work?

An atomizer is an actual device that turns e-liquid into vapor. It is essentially the bridge between your vape’s battery and the E-liquid. It is a vital piece of vaping functionality. 

To break it down, the vape mod is activated when you push the button, triggering the atomizer to heat the liquid. Once heated to the right temperature, your E-liquid becomes vapor, allowing you to enjoy that flavorful, smooth hit.

What Are The Different Types Of Vape Atomizers?

Two of the most common vape atomizers are Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA) and Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA). Let’s take a closer look at each atomizer.

  • Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA): An RDA is known for being a semi-tank, or anti-tank atomizer. This type of atomizer is a simpler version of the standard tank setup. How does an RDA work? Normally vape juice is held in a reservoir. But with RDA, the vape juice drips slowly onto a coil. Due to the drip effect, you will need to have a steady hand in order to drip juice onto the wick every so often. But it’s worth it because RDAs deliver massive clouds.
  • Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA): An RTA is pretty similar to an RDA. The only major difference is that RTAs have a refillable tank. Just like an RDA, you will need to manually wrap coil, however, no wick dripping is needed. This is ideal for many vaping enthusiasts because it makes portable use easier. RTAs also let you customize cloud production and flavor.

What Atomizer Is Best For Vaping: RDA Or RTA?

The Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) and Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) are both solid for the experienced vapor. They chuck massive clouds and deliver the flavorful hit you enjoy. 

Deciding which vape atomizer is best depends on your vaping preference. For instance, if you’re a more on the go vapor, you may like RTAs better, since you don’t need to drip vape juice on the wick. But if blowing fat clouds is your style, RDAs may be a better fit.

You’ll need to do a bit of research and try a few different devices out before really narrowing down the type of atomizer. RDAs and RTAs are the most common. But there are other atomizers like RDTAs and RBAs to look into as well.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Vape Atomizers?

When it comes to atomizers, there are a lot of different sizes to choose from. When looking at RDAs and RTAs, sizes can range from 28mm RTAs to 24mm RDAs. The size you choose simply depends on your vaping experience and needs. 

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How Long Do Vape Atomizers Last?

The length of time a vape atomizer lasts is pretty wide-ranging. How long an atomizer lasts is really dependent on how much you actually use it. 

For example, coils in replaceable and rebuildable atomizers have a lifespan. When that lifespan reaches its limit, you will need to replace them. One sign that you do need to replace an atomizer is when you get a burnt taste. 

Also if your vape gurgles when you hit it. These signs are pretty clear indicators the coils are ready to be switched out. Listen to what your vape is telling you.

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