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Roll one with the best rolling papers online at the best prices. Rolling papers are a must-have in your smoking arsenal. From wood pulp to hemp, our selection of rolling papers will keep those good times


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Why Use Rolling Papers?

Why use rolling papers is the wrong question. Why not use rolling papers? Rolling papers have been a tradition among smokers for as long as smokers can remember. It is fun, easy, shareable, and an iconic way to enjoy your favorite flowers.

Rolling one is more than just an action, it is a tradition. Joints, spliffs, blunts, cones, and more are all a must-do for the avid flower smoker. Using rolling papers lets you have a session anywhere and anytime.

What Types Of Material Are Rolling Papers Made From?

Rolling papers are versatile, and the material rolling papers are made from various places. For the best smoking session when rolling one, it is important to know more about the material. Let’s take a deeper look.

Common types of rolling papers:

  • Hemp. Hemp rolling papers are becoming the most popular type of rolling papers available. Even more than the traditional wood pulp papers. Hemp papers are sourced from industrial hemp, infusion the fibers to make thin, smokable paper. If you are looking for papers between the wood pulp and rice options, hemp is a solid choice.
  • Wood Pulp. Wood pulp rolling papers are the go-to for most smokers. They may be old school, but they are still a top choice. They provide an easy, firm roll, and also burn well. However, wood pulp joints can burn a bit too fast.
  • Rice. Rice papers are all about flavor, making them very popular among expert dry herb enthusiasts. A rice paper joint burns slowly and remains tasteless. This lets you enjoy the full flavor of your favorite flowers. No burnt taste here. They can be a challenge to roll until you get the hang of it, so practice makes perfect when it comes to rice papers.

Buy The Best Rolling Papers Online And Let The Good Times Roll

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