About V4/Plush

A Vaporizer Engineered for a Smooth Vaping Experience

This dry herb vaporizer was designed from the inside out for performance. The V4/Plush has Dynamic Conduction Technology bringing even controlled heat into the .65 gram capacity ceramic chamber with a stainless steel filter. This technology...

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Price $149.95
Product URL http://v4-twenty....

Latest Reviews for V4/Plush


Daily use, works great each time and never have any issues


I use mine every night, works great and doesn't combust like most other vaporizers tend to do.


This thing is fantastic, use it every day and it always does the job right


Great product. Very easy to maintain. Easy to use.


I love my new V4/Plush... so lucky to have won it here on Slyng! It hits great, burns great... just great! Lol!