About V4/Plush

A Vaporizer Engineered for a Smooth Vaping Experience

This dry herb vaporizer was designed from the inside out for performance. The V4/Plush has Dynamic Conduction Technology bringing even controlled heat into the .65 gram capacity ceramic chamber with a stainless steel filter. This technology...

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Price $149.95
Product URL http://v4-twenty....

Latest Reviews for V4/Plush


This thing is fantastic, use it every day and it always does the job right


Great product. Very easy to maintain. Easy to use.


I love my new V4/Plush... so lucky to have won it here on Slyng! It hits great, burns great... just great! Lol!


Very recommended vaporizer, love it!


I Simply love it! it's so easy to use & hold, edges doesn't burn, gets my medicine at it's best