About GR8TR® Solid Body Grinder

DIMENSIONS - 3.25" (H) x 2.125" (D)
The GR8TR® - A Grinder Like You've Never Seen or Used. With the huge growth of vaporizers in recent years and the evolving personal preferences of grinder users, we realized that customers wanted the freedom to customize their grinder to better suit their tast...

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Price $79.00
Product URL https://www.kanna...

Latest Reviews for GR8TR® Solid Body Grinder


This is my favorite grinder. Not only do you get multiple grinding grates to achieve a variety of grind fineness. You also have a very useful little storage container in the top good for a gram or so. Amazing pollen collection as well! Just an over all amazing piece!


The GR8TR grinder is so sick! The interchangeable plates for different grind consistencies is revolutionary. The vape plate makes a perfect grind for devices. It looks nice and feels sturdy. Great grinder.