About 55% R.H. - BOOST (8gr)

Humidity Control That Adapts & Responds To Its Environment.
Eliminate the Guessing Game
INTEGRA BOOST Humidiccant uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55% in a contained environment.
Maintain optimum humidity level to pr...

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Latest Reviews for 55% R.H. - BOOST (8gr)


my friend swears by the 62, but I also heard good things from other ppl about the 55. I noticed some ppl cure at 50 - 62. So, I was curious about using this # packet...since its about midpoint.

Anyway, let's just say im glad I did! :D

I prefer the 55 cuz I like my nugs to have a tighter feel than most. I also put these badboys in with my joints for about a day and I noticed I get a better burn when I light up! :D *im thinking its the moisture???

Good product overall.