About 55% R.H. - BOOST (67gr)

Humidity Control That Adapts & Responds To Its Environment.
Eliminate the Guessing Game
INTEGRA BOOST Humidiccant uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55% in a contained environment.
Maintain optimum humidity level to pr...

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Latest Reviews for 55% R.H. - BOOST (67gr)


If you want your buds fresh, these are a must have!


Boost55%R.H. is one of the best products on the market for keeping your flower fresh and potent. I encourage any serious cannabis consumer that Boost is the Best and real thing. Try it, you Will Love it. Johnb


Humidity packs are an essential detail to any self respecting connoisseur's stash. I keep one in every jar. They will help wet bud dry out and help dry bud freshen up. Just buy a bunch to keep around for friends and family.


If you don't know about Boost, basically it's a humidity regulator pack that you can drop in the jar to maintain the optimized humidity to keep things fresh longer. I tried this with my stash to compare with/without the packet and it's definitely different with the Boost pack. After a while, the indicator changed the color and I just replaced with another one. Definitely recommended for any serious connoisseur.