About The DabVac

The DabVac is our water pipe adapter for premium e-juice and concentrates.

The Headdies DabVac is universal and works with all water pipes, the 22karat gold labels and overall design is meant to compliment our signature line of Headdies tubes. All DabVacs are made in America and features surgi...

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Price $70.00
Product URL https://www.headd...

Latest Reviews for The DabVac


I don’t do dabs all the time but when I do I use this and it’s great!


I don't dab often, but this is what I prefer to use when I do. It heats up quick, which I like, and it's fairly easy to use. You kinda just hover the wand around the dish, and it just works. I recommend it to my friends often.


Very easy to use, I have the 3D Printed one so it will fit ANY water pipe i put it on and turn it into a dabbing rig
Take giant dabs with this monster!!


Best way to medicate that i've found so far.... It's like the nectar collector but with a twist

I've found that there is less waste than when i used Nails, Buckets, Ladels, ect. The dabvac has never failed me, you can control the amount of concentrate you want to take in so you are not forced to face a giant dab. it takes no longer than 10 seconds to heat the wand and dig in to your concentrates