About AMG Glass - Zombies Straight Tube 18''

Fans of zombies and The Walking Dead will love this water pipe! Featuring bloody decals and zombies throughout the tube. Stands 18'' inches tall and stands on a 5.5'' wide base. A 14mm diffused downstem and 14mm matching male flower bowl is included. Made by AMG Glass in California using the fine...

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Price $129.95
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Latest Reviews for AMG Glass - Zombies Straight Tube 18''


Cool design


I had the pleasure of getting to use this bad boy when one of my close friends purchased it, it hit like a beauty...words can’t describe how smooth and effortlessly it operates definitely 9/10 would recommend to anyone who wants to have a good time, also a good collection piece


love love love this water pipe!


Love this piece. Hit smooth, kick a** design! YAS!