About Citizen Premium CBD E-Liquid (Vape Additive)

Citizen Premium CBD E-Liquid (Vape Additive)
Enjoy the incredible benefits of CBD oil in Citizen’s E-Liquid form!
Each bottle contains a full spectrum e-liquid with a proprietary PG Blend that you can rely on for the best possible experience with your CBD oil.
Citizen sources its material from...

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Was having a bad panic attack about a week ago, my cousin was over and had some with him. I'm thankful he did, within a matter of minutes after hitting his tank it had completely stopped the attack. I've tried other cheaper cbd oils, edibles, etc. without much luck. But this product works, will definitely be placing an order soon.


Helps keep me calm and focused


Gets rid of my anxiety and no more problems sleeping


Got this product for my girlfriend who has anxiety and she says it works great for calming her down if she's feeling stressed about anything. The taste is a little funky but that could just be us but none the less I recommend giving it a try