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About WeedWipes

My name is Jim Berry, and I'm a medical marijuana user.
If you are like me, you enjoy the taste of weed as well as the medicinal effects. The one big problem is the resin. To say the least, it stinks.

I actually moved my bong to the garage because the smell was so bad. I hated cleaning it because it was such a chore and made my kitchen stink. Besides, my bong was dirty and smelly again the very next day!

The cleaning products already available were no better. They are toxic if not used with gloves and respirator. I was also not convinced they cleaned the bong completely since they don’t require you to wipe the resin away. I feel that unless you get in contact and wipe away the resin, there will always be something left behind. That was not something I wanted to breathe–or even release into the environment.

I needed something that worked effectively but was NATURAL, ORGANIC and SAFE and interacted on a molecular level with the resin to encapsulate and fully remove it from my pipes and bongs.

That is why I invented WeedWipes. The resin actually prefers to bind to the WeedWipes and that interaction allows WeedWipes to PREVENT resin build-up—not just clean it!

Just add 10 drops to your bong water! It’s that easy!

Not only does it clean the major types (glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal) but will also clean virtually any finished non-porous surface–even most FABRIC.

I now rinse the bong every day before I smoke in nothing more than hot water. It take less than 20 seconds and leaves no mess and is returned to CLEAN. I then put another 10 drops of WeedWipes in, fill with water to the normal level and smoke some more. Once or twice a year I do a “full cleaning” with a brush, including the stem, which still takes less than 2 minutes.

Once you start using WeedWipes, you’ll reclaim your time and eliminate your frustration with maintaining your smoking apparatus while providing the best smoking experience possible. If you use isopropyl alcohol or other solvents to clean I wish you luck. I chose marijuana as a natural alternative and I made the perfect natural cleaner in WeedWipes. Your choice.

I made this product and every day it amazes me. I know it will amaze you too. If not please contact me and I will make it right.

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