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Vivant Vaporizers It is our mission to efficiently develop innovative products such that we may continue to exceed customer expectations.

About Vivant Vaporizers

Want to live the good life? That’s what Vivant Vaporizers are all about. They started in Orange County, California in 2016 to help everyone live their best life when it came to vaping. Their website says, “We consider our team and the individuals who utilize our product a family. We operate daily based on the concept of doing what we love and loving what we do. It is our goal to bring into the industry the most affordable, functional and reliable products.” Vivant Vaporizers also strives to provide the best customer service experience possible. They spend time listening to their customers any time they need help. Vivant Vaporizers says, “Not only do we rely on our masterminds to create products, we are also a company that actually listens to the community. We strive to create products based on what the community wants, needs and loves.” For the greatest deal out there, make sure to use the promo code “slyng20” at checkout for 20% OFF Vivant Vaporizers sitewide.

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