About Vessel Brand

From the moment you pick up your Vessel Core, you'll obsess over its signature design and character. We're in the business of making every user experience more intuitive and personal, delivering the best design and performance in our line of products. The collection is an honest demonstration of our relentless attention to detail and craftsmanship.

We're Giving Back
For every Vessel purchased, it is our firm commitment to not only give back to a variety of causes that promote change and well-being for our communities but to volunteer our time, energy and leadership. Education, innovation, environment, community development - we're in it to win big.

Let's do it together.

Where Do You See Yourself?
Our people make Vessel unique. While we're always focused on developing amazing products - this business is really about connecting with people and creating memorable experiences in all that we do.

We believe our crew should always have opportunities to grow and learn. Stay close - we'll be looking to add to the team over the coming months.

You can't teach passion and initiative - if you feel like this is a crew you want to join, send us your CV to careers@vesselbrand.com.

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