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About Ultra Trimmer

Trichomes are EVERYTHING!

If you tumble your bud or scrape your bud repeatedly with the other devices on the market you will lose percentage counts AND potency! Ultra trimmer hits the bud just like a pair of scissors because IT IS SCISSORS. The engineers involved with the design and production of this machine are growers that were fed up with scissor crews, the tumblers/scrapers and 'wet bud trimmers' that were on the market. They only had one thing in common - they destroy trichomes! A lot of amateurs that are in the industry just for a quick buck prefer the tumblers because they don't care about trichomes or quality - they're just in it for quick cash. Scissors are the only way to trim bud without lessening the potency. That's why we came up with mechanical scissors. The bud doesn't stay on the scissor table longer than 10-15 seconds and its off. (Instead of holding the bud and running your scissors around the bud). WIth the Ultra Trimmer, you simply lay the bud on the scissor table, give it a roll and then it's done.