The SilverStick Pipe + natural, cotton filter. It’s that simple. The SilverStick’s sophisticated design eliminates embers for a smooth draw.

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About The SilverStick

At SilverStick, our goals are pretty simple. We strive to create products that are intentional, classic, and offer a smooth experience for the modern smoker on-the-go.

We offer a line of seriously upgraded one hitters that feature a replaceable cotton filter to block embers and trap tar while offering a smooth, satisfying draw. They are made in the USA from high-quality alloy and come in two bowl sizes, Slim and Large. We also have handmade leather and wooden dugouts that let you carry everything you need in your front pocket or small purse, wherever your adventures take you.

We’ve landed some spots in Rolling Stone, Esquire, Mashable, Herb, PROHBTD, and more because we strive to create products that you’ll love to use and be proud to share.

Products by The SilverStick