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“A Taste you can feel”
CBD Experience is a company made up of culture, fueled by passion and creativity. It's a lifestyle designed to have endless creation to further it’s journey and strengthen our beloved CBD industry.
Created and designed by Chris Davis, a.k.a DJ Panic, a.k.a one of the founders of Mr. Good Vape, The Originals, Drizzle, Melon Heads, Obey, Drip Flavors, and many more.He has been Innovating since the beginning of the Vaping industry when there were less than10 ELiquid lines in the United States. A true Pioneer! CBD Experience started in late 2015 from concept to design and is nothing less than a true passion project, geared to release products in succession under the CBD Experience brand. With experience in creating nearly 3300 flavors over time, he selected only the best flavors and methods for the mixing concepts used for the Vape Series Line from CBD Experience. To take it one step further Chris believes after working tirelessly that he has created the perfect formula with his proprietary 12 step mixing process which he won’t talk to much about, however we get the feeling he has definitely stumbled onto some special mixing techniques that achieve the perfect vapor production, no loss of potency, no shock, crystallization or any of the negative reactions that take place when mixing all of these pieces together for the ultimate experience.
When we sat with Chris and tried each flavor it was apparent that the CBD Experience Vape Series line is not only unique, fun and creative with the flavors but also that you can taste and feel the smooth quality from inhale to body to finish.
Chris is partnered with Brandon Young (CEO of Hemp Energi Farms, and Vice President of Global Cannabinoids) on CBD Experience and the Hemp Energi drink project which are both two completely out of this world product lines gaining momentum globally at a rapid pace. With GMP Certificates, Two FDA registered Facilities, product liability insurance, Farms, an extraction company, global connections and two incredible power houses at the helm, this brand
is sure to become a staple for CBD consumers looking for high quality premium and safe products.
Chris and Brandon are working with people like James Wallgreen and other industry leaders already catching the attention of Wall Street. Hemp Energi is set to tackle the big box arena with interests and meetings taking place with the largest retailers in the world. Currently already in thousands of stores and growing daily.
“Here at CBD Experience we are focused on creating advanced, intelligent flavors as well as bringing people together that share common goals in creativity, wellness,
education, innovation and more. “ (Chris)
To list a few more accolades Chris, has designed flavors for well over 100 brands and companies in the industry with 17 global awards under his belt for flavor design including Best in Show and Vape Innovator of the year. He is a true pioneer always thinking out of the box, while leading from a place of passion and culture, building community and stratedgizing trends since 2010.
Chris has manufactured for nearly 150 companies over the last 5 years with his FDA compliant Facility located in California with automatic machines housed in a class 10,000 ISO Cleanroom, And also owns a distribution company which has touched over 40 countries since inception. At his manufacturing company called Electric Lotus he created the first full service turn key eLiquid Agency in the community with a multitude of services claiming the first of its kind.“The Lotus flower represents detachment, a state in which a person overcomes his or her attachment, to desire for things people or concepts of the world and thus attains a heightened perspective.” (Chris) Chris’s music background, which includes 23 years of DJ experience, mostly touring and playing 6 nights a week and over 70 written/produced records within the house music genre, enhances his mixological creativity.
“Mixing eLiquid is like mixing tracks. Each needs to tell a story and be properly selected, mixed, and blended to achieve that perfect, goose bump-inducing effect.” (Chris) If your looking for something different with people behind it that care about safety and manufacturing with incredible flavors and all the correct documentation to support the product, give CBD Experience a try and…
Experience Difference.

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