About Tasty Puff

Tasty Puff has been manufacturing quality flavoring in the USA since 2000. The flavoring is made from extracts to produce a high quality concentrate that can be used to flavor anything from hookah to tobacco; and can also be used as an e-juice enhancer. The flavoring quickly became a staple item for smoke shops and manufacturers. Just as the e-juice market started to boom, Tasty Puff eased into the production of an e-juice line to add to their impressive list of products. Our products are manufactured in a GMP/OSHA certified environment. Tasty Puff caters to Wholesale Distributors, Manufacturers, Retail Locations, and International Companies; with options for every business platform.
Tasty Puff flavoring is a versatile, easy to use substance that can be used with pipe tobacco, cigars, cigar wraps, vaporizers, hookahs, water pipes, e-cigarettes, as well as your favorite legal herbs.

Products by Tasty Puff