About Mystic Timber

Located in the rolling hills of Northwest New Jersey, Mystic Timber has more than 10 years of experience handcrafting smoking tools for individual and commercial clients throughout the world.
Debbie and Bruce Jorgensen are the husband and wife team of artists behind Mystic Timber. Together, the Jorgensens manage an expanding Mystic Timber Products to deliver friends, individuals, and business customers with artisanal smoking tools that provide convenience, elegance, and durability.
For our wholesale customers, we produce attractive, handcrafted hardwood counter displays and life-size foam skull displays that are the perfect way for showcasing our products —which make great gifts and impulse buys.
As a family-owned business, service and quality are important to us. Feel free to contact Mystic Timber customer service any time—we’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Why Wood Dabbers?
All Mystic Timber smoking tools are made in the U.S.A. and crafted from sustainable hardwood sourced in Central and North America. Our use of eco-friendly materials and production methods means Mystic Timber wands are preservative and toxin-free. Each is finished with a proprietary, non-toxic wax or non-toxic finish.

The non-wood parts of our products are T2 grade Titanium, nickel-plated stainless steel, and ornaments of lampwork glass, Tibetan silver, porcelain, ceramic and minerals. Our designs are field tested to ensure comfort, functionality, and durability.

Because we love wood, we celebrate visible knots and whorls, worm holes, spalting and other natural artifacts from the life of the wood—we endeavor to incorporate these into the piece aesthetically where possible. With time and use, the wand becomes a token of your experience, imbued with physical and emotional memory, like a good friend.

Products by Mystic Timber