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Me Time Box Get the best of counterculture straight to your door, from new products to old-school favorites every month.

About Me Time Box

The Me Time Box was created by 3 professionals with a passion for innovation, professionalism, and change. Me Time’s purpose is to help bring people the best products for a better life. This industry produces confusing, poorly crafted and expensive products. We are going to fix that and provide a better way for you to receive the trending, most innovative products.

We get it. Life can be difficult from so many different angles. Whether it is a change in your relationship status, the addition of a new child, a new pet, gunning for that promotion or maybe you are just looking for a better version of yourself, Me Time gives you options. This is no motivational speech, but rather a simple solution for people to rest their head comfortably at the end of the night, silence that voice in their head, and wake up to a better version of themselves the next morning. The right dosage with the right device can have profound effects on who you are as a co-worker, manager, mother, father, friend, sister, brother and as a human being. Be the best version of yourself.

We all have people in our lives that we believe could benefit from using Me Time products but don’t want to walk into a smoke shop or head shop and ask roundabout questions to obtain vague information, or worse, be asked to leave the store. Stay at home and have Me Time Box products delivered discreetly to your door with detailed descriptions on how to use your products. Be comfortable in your own home exploring how Me Time Box products can help you live a better life.

It is estimated that one in two Americans have tried it at least once, in one form or another. As legislation changes over the next 5 years, Me Time will be your go-to for the latest information, movements and products coming to market.

Our original Me Time Box is our signature product that will help you discover, learn and teach others about the wave of innovation that is happening in more liberal areas of the country. Whether you prefer the old school methodology, want to explore new battery powered devices, or prefer more advanced tools, the Me Time Box will have options for the beginners and for the connoisseurs.

Me Time procures each item to go inside the box that is consistent with our goal of bringing premium products from legitimate suppliers based in the United States. We promise to deliver the trending, most innovative products and we will be here to support you through your journey of exploring these life-changing products.

As the industry changes, we will change with it. You always have our promise that we will bring you the best products so you can live better, every day.

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