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Growing up in East LA, Louie the 13th was exposed to a lot at a young age. He found himself at a crossroads between gang life, which his brothers were into, and the music and fashion scenes, where his passion was ignited. Louie chose the latter and began working at Cross Colours, a hip hop clothing brand, and at the same time began DJing. After several years in the music and fashion businesses, Louie dove deeper into another of his passions, marijuana. In 2001, Louie began cultivating his signature strain, OG Louie the 13th, which has become synonymous with quality amongst its celebrity endorsers. A favorite of Snoop Dogg, Ty $, Fetty Wap, Timberland, and Lil Uzi Vert, OG Louie the 13th has solidified its spot as one of the top three strains in the world. OG Louie the 13th has repeatedly placed first for best flower at Cannabis Cups and his deluxe, hand-rolled glass tip packs of joints have repeatedly won for best product. Way ahead of his time, Louie opened his first dispensary combined with a music studio in 2006. Everyone from Mike Epps to Method Man came through to record and indulge in the increasingly popular OG Louie the 13th strain. Louie continues this tradition today, constantly cultivating environments that merge music, fashion, culture, philanthropy, and marijuana. Louie’s belief that quality is king extends throughout everything he touches, from his marijuana products to his Louie the 13th clothing brand to his music studio. Louie’s superior product and generous spirit have gained him an almost cult like following amongst marijuana enthusiasts who regularly show up for his social media giveaways to meet him in person.
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