Humboldt Vape Tech

Arcata, CA | On Slyng Service 2017



For great quality vaping products look at Humboldt Vape Tech. Founded in 2016 by Vic Arvizu, Humboldt Vape Tech Their company motto is, “We treat our customers like we treat our friends.” Humboldt Vape Tech makes sure that all of their products are made with the customer in mind- and that includes the price. One of their most popular products is the Sai Atomizer. It is a stainless-steel atomizer with a black ceramic kanthal coil installed. It is sold with a spare Miracle A Coil and a Black Ceramic Stainless-Steel coil. It has 5 stars with over 300 reviews and everyone loves the huge rips they can get when they use the Sai Atomizer. One person said, “Great product don't hesitate get one now. It produces huge clouds and takes you to the highest level fast. The flavor is also equally amazing, as is the value.” This atomizer will take your hits to a whole new level and it only costs $44.99. Something that Humboldt Vape Tech goes above and beyond for is their customer service. They are available to speak to customers whenever you need help and take feedback into consideration with all of their products. Vic Arvizu speaks with many of the customers himself to keep communication and relationships open with everyone. One customer said, “Outstanding products and service. After reading many forum posts praising HVT, I decided to contact them to see what the right product for me would be. I spoke to Vic, and he steered me to an absolutely stellar vaporizer arrangement. After ordering it, it came quickly and worked gorgeously. My first experience with it simply floored me and set a new high-water mark. I've now told all my friends this is the best thing since sliced bread.” If you are looking for amazing customer service and even better products, look no further than Humboldt Vape Tech. Use the promo code “slyng10” for 10 percent off your entire order.