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About Futurola

Be a part of the future of rolling with Futurola! This awesome company started from a coffee shop in Amsterdam in 1996 by the brother and sister team Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg. And is now one of the best rolling and smoking accessories companies out there. What makes their products so special? Their website says they use, “the highest quality, thinnest Rolling Paper, made in France with organic Arabic gum from the acacia tree. Another iconic item designed by the Brandenburg’s is our King Size Cone Roller, which truly revolutionized the smoking culture in Amsterdam.” Because it is a family owned business, Futurola strives to provide the best quality products with amazing customer service. They sell everything from herb shredders and rollers to rolling trays and storage tubes. What is great about buying from Futurola is having the option to buy some items in bulk which means there is something for every price point! Get an amazing offer by using the promo code “future” at checkout and you will receive 10% off your entire order, free shipping on USA orders over $50, and a free gift!