Futurola The Future of Rolling™

Los Angeles, CA | On Slyng Service 2017



Futurola roots began in a coffee shop in Amsterdam in 1996 where siblings Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg made their start. Evolving into a now successful futuristic rolling paper company Futurola strives to bring the latest advances to rolling paper.

Futurola is known for using the thinnest and highest quality of rolling paper, made in France with organic Arabic gum derived from the acacia tree. Their most popular design is the King Size Cone Roller that facilitates the paper rolling experience.

Expanding into the U.S, Futurola sells anything from herb shredders to rollers and rolling trays. Amongst other ingenious products, you may find. Futurola offers bulk purchases for some products so whether you want to try one of their products or are looking to stock up on your favorite Futurola product, head over to their site!