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Futurola was born from Future Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 1996. Growing and evolving to exceed industry standards, Futurola has developed a world-class product line of Rolling + Smoking Accessories for everyone from consumers to producers.
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About Futurola


The Futurola Knockbox/Knockbox 2 fills 100 Pre-Rolled Cones in 2 minutes. The Knockbox Cone Filling System is compatible with 16 varieties of Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones, ranging in size from Reefer Size Pre-Rolled Cones (±.5g), all the way up to Party Size Pre-Rolled Cones (±2g). Futurola has developed the Knockbox over many years to provide the highest level of client satisfaction.

The Knockbox Cone Filling System features many attachments to enhance the filling process. One such enhancement includes 4 variations of the Filling Kit, which is the upper portion of the Knockbox/Knockbox 2 that holds the Pre-Rolled Cones. These variations of the Filling Kit accommodate different diameters of Pre-Rolled Cones. For example, the Reefer Filling Kit is used for 9mm cones.

The Standard Filling Kit holds 11-12.5mm cones, such as 1 ¼ Size, Slim Size & King Size Pre-Rolled Cones. The Filling Kit includes a Full-Size Mix Tray, which is the attachment used to release flower into the cones. Futurola also carries Half Size Mix Trays, which allow production of .375g & .75g cones with greater accuracy.

The most popular attachments with large producers include Cone Loaders and Unload Stations, which enable much higher production volume. Futurola has truly set a new industry standard by streamlining the cone filling process.


The Futurola Shredder shreds 3 pounds of flower in as little as 2 seconds. This makes it the perfect companion for the Knockbox Cone Filling System. The Futurola Shredder uses a passive whipping mechanism to shred the material, which ensures that no flower becomes overly processed, and creates the perfect shred consistency to fill cones with the Knockbox Cone Filling System.

The Futurola Shredder features:
• 1-year warranty
• Easy to clean
• Heavy-duty frame with 2 wheels for easy transportation within a facility
• Shredder tunnel can be pinned in 2 different tilt positions- Easily unpins for loading and unloading
• The tunnel has 2 hooks for easy power cable storage (Type-B plug)
• Shredder control panel can be programmed for 1-10 seconds of runtime (features LED display)
• Secure transparent lid with strong magnets allows monitoring of grind consistency