Dipstick Vapes

Denver, CO | On Slyng Service 2017



Dipstick vapes have been around for a while but had a revamp in 2017 to become an even better company than they were before. They work hard to bring the most innovative and high-end products to you as a customer. One of those products is the Dipper Vaporizer. The original version is the Dipstick but after listening to customers wants and needs, made a better version for everyone to love.The Dipper vaporizer is the best of both worlds because is used like a regular vape pen, but hits like a dab which reduces messes and clogs. This unique and sleek vaporizer costs $149.99 and comes in multiple colors. You can get it in charcoal, chrome, rose gold, and the new limited-edition ocean blue. When you purchase the Dipper in ocean blue, 5 percent of sales go to a marine life organization to keep oceans clean and safe for wildlife. Right now you can get 10% off the Dipper when you use the promo code “slyng” at checkout.