Combie Combie is the only brand to offer a pocket - size device that provides all the essential tools for the on the go rolling experience.

On Slyng Service 2018



The COMBIE™ is a revolutionary all-in-one device that combines all the essential tools for an on-the-go rolling and storing experience. The COMBIE provides storage for dry herb on the top side adjacent to the built-in grinder. The storage compartment can fit enough material to roll 2-3 cones and holds a small pick for cleaning the grinder.

On the backside of the COMBIE is a compartment that has been designed to quickly draw out rolling papers and filters. Each device contains a pack of COMBIE’s
exclusive king-sized, organic rolling papers and filter tips.

• All-In-One Rolling & Storing
• Pocket-Sized & Portable
• Tray & Storage Compartments
• Rolling Papers & Tips Included
• Magnetic Sealed Grinder
• Made In Israel