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Cannadips CBD FULL SPECTRUM HEMP Full spectrum hemp CBD Pouches. Featuring patented H2o dispersible flake technology. All natural, and tobacco free. including 3 original flavors.

About Cannadips CBD

Our pouch-in-mouth product provides one of the best CBD experiences available. We utilize a proprietary process that preserves valuable terpene and flavonoid compounds found in full spectrum hemp that in turn increases CBD bio-availability and allows for mucosal absorption directly in the mouth. Cannadips provides truly elevated CBD experience.

We began in Humboldt County California producing pouches for adult cannabis consumers and progressed to full spectrum hemp. We believe in feeling good while carrying out daily responsibilities, which is why Cannadips CBD is in precise doses, intended for daily use and enjoyment.

Our pouches are made with all natural ingredients, sourced from reputable suppliers. All Cannadips CBD products are lab-tested for quality and safety. You can find the results here.

In the end its about the journey, and we believe Cannadips CBD allows you to live in the moment, and experience life without distractions. We're on a mission to activate people's awareness and supply quality CBD in a way that is radical and effective.

In 2016, Cannadips began crafting the pouch-in-mouth for California’s recreational marijuana market. We were no strangers to the cannabis industry and our blue collar roots made us familiar tobacco dip. Putting the cannabis in the dip was a natural evolution — a cannabis dip. The experience with chewing tobacco as a delivery method seemed like the perfect solution for a new cannabis product. We couldn't believe it hadn't been done.

It was a simple concept, but the grind to develop the product was not easy. We traveled the world, partnering with a food chemist who's life work was the key to unlock it all, and we sourced specialized machines to bring the pouch to reality. Through the challenges, Cannadips created something more than just a pouch. It is not just an alternative to tobacco. We believe the pouch is the best way to provide absorption in the mouth. Cannadips is trade-craft, science, art, nature, and human stories all coming together.

Based in Humboldt County, California, Cannadips is shifting the paradigm of the hemp and alternative health industries by providing a unique and useful full spectrum hemp experience, an enjoyable CBD experience. Cannadips is shifting the paradigm of tobacco by providing a great tasting nicotine-free alternative tobacco product. Using the same methods as our cannabis product, our full spectrum hemp pouches are fast acting, discreet, and all natural.

We are big believers of CBD and what it can do for people in their everyday life, which is why we experimented with the delivery system to give users a controllable, accurate and truly discreet form of enjoyment. Cannadips focuses on helping other health-focused individuals. Our full spectrum hemp products are perfect for people looking for an alternative to oil tinctures or edibles, that tastes great, and has fast-acting results. Cannadips CBD comes in three flavors: American Spice, Natural Mint, and Tangy Citrus. All to help you dip into life.

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