Canna Trading Co CannaTrading's Central Coast California Premium Hemp CBD formulations

CannaTrading's Central Coast California Premium Hemp CBD formulations
atascadero, CA | On Slyng Service 2018



Canna Trading Co is comprised of a small collective in Central Coast area of California. The company was established in 2015 with the development of its vape product line. The need for a more socially acceptable and discreet way of using marijuana products helped the collective to further explore alternative delivery methods for marijuana users from all walks of life.

By using vape pens, the odor of marijuana is removed and you are left with just the necessary components (whether it is THC or CBD) and flavor from the strain’s terpenes. You can use your vape pen anywhere without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

The marijuana industry is evolving fast, and vaping continues to gain popularity. It was the perfect opportunity for this small collective to put their thoughts together to create a clean, pure, natural product while keeping consumer costs down.

The focus on CBD-only products came from personal experience, researching its benefits and listening to testimonials of reduced or eliminated symptoms. Seeing that CBD does work for many people, recreationally and medicinally, by providing relief, it drove the collective to perfect its process and offer the highest-quality CBD products to its customers. THC isn’t always required to achieve relief. Epileptics have talked about improvements in their symptoms, reduced seizures and feeling better overall from using CBD.

One of the main goals of Canna Trading Co is to offer products that are as natural as possible. It is important to Canna Trading Co to offer high-quality options at price points that are affordable for everyone. We are continuing to explore additional marijuana delivery systems and delivery options to accommodate the preferences of each individual to ensure that they have the right option for them in a form they enjoy using.

We will continue to be innovative by investigating every possible option for delivering the cleanest, most natural products to expand the types of products available.