Reviews for CFX Vaporizer


Used it once before and loved it


Smooth hits, easy to travel with


it hits so evenly. its amazing


g8 product. Wish I had one


This unit is a head changer! Soon as I clicked it on it headed up to temp really fast. The hit was amazing and I could taste the wonderful flavors of my strains. The rig adapter is amazing! Hooks up to my rig perfectly and hits to a higher level!


Very solid product, easy to use and quality af


The CFV is a beast of a vape, it is definitely my go to when I want to get ripped. Fat, dense clouds, outstanding taste, super quick heat up time. Through the mouthpiece when I am out and about, and through my piece, using the water pipe adapter. It will rip your face off!!


The CFX produces clouds for days! Love this thing, can't beat the quality of vapor and flavor for the price.


Boundless CFX is pretty easy to use. 5 clicks on and you can see the temperature climbs up quickly. It produces quite a big vapor.

It feels very solid and I like the groves on the body to help with the grip. I feel like it's built like a tank and I'm sure it'll last me for a while. Super!