Cheech and Chong in Support of Medical Marijuana Legalization

By Kaitlyn M.
Find out how Cheech and Chong are giving a young boy who uses cannabis exposure on social media.

When I think of Cheech and Chong I think of movies like Up In Smoke and Nice Dreams. Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong have been the poster boys for weed comedy since the 1970’s. Their classic movie Up In Smoke brought in over $44 million in revenue and they are still going strong with different appearances today.

What Are They Doing?

Even though they are still making people laugh with weed comedy, Cheech and Chong are also trying to make a difference in the world. They are doing so by speaking out about why we need medical marijuana to be properly legalized everywhere. They are doing this by sharing a Facebook post.

Photo Credit

The comedy duo shared a Facebook post that a young boy suffering from a seizure. In this video you can see a young boy, Stefan, seizing on his bed. His parents act quickly by using a syringe to inject cannabis oil into Stefan’s mouth and rub it on his gums.

As you watch the process you can see it starting to take effect. The video is only 45 seconds long which truly shows the power of CBD for children. Stefan takes CBD twice a day to help him with his seizures.

Stefan's parents mentioned that they moved to Maine so that they could legally give their son CBD to help him because it is the only thing that stops his seizures. They live in the town of Standish and unfortunately the town council wants to ban cannabis. Stefan's parents shared the video in hopes that it would get attention and help the Standish town council reconsider.

Luckily, Cheech and Chong saw this wonderful display of what cannabis use can do, shared it and now the video has over 13 million views! Interestingly enough, the original post was made by Standish Town Councilor Peter Starostecki. This is because Starostecki has a seven-year-old boy who also takes cannabis for medicinal purposes and he believes in what it is doing for his child.

What People Are Saying

There are thousands of comments on this video who are in support of medicinal cannabis. One commenter wrote “As a dad and a guy who has a heart it hurts to see kids like this. I couldn't imagine what parents go through not being able to help, to feel completely helpless. Seeing what this can do to help this little guy out I think it should be legalized immediately!!!! No child or adult should suffer if this can help in any way”

Personally, I agree with the commenter. As a mother, it was hard to watch this child seizing as I was thinking “this could be my son”. And if it was my son, I would do anything to make him feel better and keep him safe, as I am sure any parent would.

This video deserves recognition because banning cannabis is putting children like Stefan in danger. Every day they will have to go through their seizures without medication, which can cause them serious harm. Lets put an end to this by supporting medical marijuana for every child out there!


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