Cannabis Cornflakes Coming Soon

By A. Hutchinson
A recent article in Forbes has detailed out new, futuristic food coming our way... and it includes cannabis inspired meals, too.


A recent article in Forbes has unveiled some very futuristic food choices, and "Cannabis Cornflakes" have been included.


Food production will undergo some dramatic changes. Grisly, blood-splattered abattoirs will be replaced by nerds in white jackets and test tubes. Eggs, meat and cheese will come from labs whilst algae and insects will fill your pantry - and not because you haven’t cleaned in a while.


The Californian start-up, Impossible Foods, has already created a 100% plant-based but meat-tasting burger. New Wave Foods is in the process of making plant protein-based shrimp: thus eliminating the many problems with commercial shrimp fishing in one fell swoop. Meanwhile marijuana and algae are set to be the next culinary trend and superfood ingredient respectively.


But are people actually going to eat these weird and wonderful products? Experts are sceptical. One, it’s expensive: currently, at $20, it costs ten times more to make an Impossible Foods burger than it does your average patty. And two, it’s about changing people’s perceptions.


As Hemant Patel, nutritionist and food safety practitioner states, this will be difficult: ‘people gravitate towards things they know’. The food law enforcement consultant Stuart Musgrove meanwhile, as he told me, ‘can’t see a market for artificial food.’


The final piece of the puzzle is the best bit. Eating. It’s about to get a bit more complicated than just chewing and swallowing. Gorging yourself is antiquated and disrespectful to the effort that made whatever it is you can’t cram into your face fast enough.As Raithatha points out, food is now another form of entertainment.


Samsung has already started to push the integration of VR into the restaurant scene.  Instead experiences will be an important part of consumption: stimulating multiple senses at once with VR headsets and holographic restaurants that transport you to Tokyo as you eat sushi, which will improve the taste of the food.


Ugly vegetables won’t be discarded by manufacturers any more because you won’t actually *see* how ugly they are as you eat them. Food that looks and smells different to what you’re actually eating could mean eating fatty, salty fried fast foods that are actually really healthy: you could lose weight eating pizza everyday, three times a day.


Project Nourished believes this concept will create a healthier and fun dining experience, for those with illness, those who dine alone, picky kids, and even astronauts. Meanwhile robot waiters, drone Deliveroo, nutritious food-replacement sludge and derma patches that deliver nutrients through the skin, like Nutriband, will be the ultimate in easy cuisine.


And, in the future, the dreaded C-word, convenience, might not be a byword for harmful environment unfriendly food factories. But instead, fast, sustainable and clever food production.

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About the author: A. Hutchinson

Hutchinson is a qualified researcher and writer who is a fan of politics, history and counter-culture.