Will Cannabis Affect Your Cardio?

By Colby O.
Ask yourself if cannabis affects your lungs. Now ask yourself if you're sure about that answer.

Over the past few decades, minors have been bombarded with ads, pledges, and lectures about smoking. There have been some very blunt campaigns stating that if you smoke, you will probably die.

Others are more artistic, depicting the big bad wolf from the childhood story of the three little pigs being weak and vulnerable because smoking ruined his lungs. Although it is almost common knowledge that cannabis is not in the same boat as cigarettes, there are still some common gaps in knowledge for people.


Lung Health: Cigarettes VS Cannabis

We know that a lot of cigarettes that are manufactured contain many chemicals, many of which are harmful. Nail polish remover, gasoline, and pesticide products all share common ingredients with cigarettes.

When it comes to cannabis you will not find man-made chemicals and substances in professional, legal grade cannabis (Unregulated street-market cannabis may or may not contain trace amounts of pesticides).

A study conducted by Brown University on the changes in lung function in relation to marijuana and tobacco are concerning, but not surprising. Brown University concluded that a person using marijuana for a 60-year time span on a consistent basis would experience a very slow and gradual decline to -50 ML of function.

While cigarette users on a similar time span would experience a very steep drop to a -450 ML decline of lung function.


Athletes And Cannabis

If you don’t know by now, tons of athletes use cannabis. Amateurs and professionals alike! Two prime examples of this are Nick and Nate Diaz. These two brothers have been at the top of the mixed martial arts world, fighting in the UFC against superstar athletes.

They also happen to be potheads and have not been shy about their use. Within the UFC these two brothers are renowned for their superhuman cardio which allows them to perform at the highest level. On top of all of this, both brothers compete in Ironman triathlons for fun and regularly place on the podium.


Why The Lack Of Evidence?

The lack of tremendous research on this topic is due to the government’s prolonged persecution of the plant. However, more and more laws are being changed to make research on topics such as this one, much easier to conduct.

Although there is no 100% guaranteed piece of evidence showing that cannabis will not affect your cardio, it is hard to dispute this when you have potheads winning triathlons. When was the last time you heard of an elite athlete who smoked cigarettes on a daily basis?


We all have seen depictions of cigarette smokers wheezing or being short of breath, but never cannabis smokers. However, smoke is still smoke, smoking dyed paper is not the healthiest and blunts contain tobacco (In case you forgot). If you’re a pothead and worried about your lungs or cardio, you can rest easy as you won’t be shriveling your lungs. So smoke your useless worries away and go for a two-mile run!


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About the author: Colby O.

Colby is a contributor to Slyng.