Whizzinator Success Stories

By Angela W.
If you want the highest quality fake urine products, you need to buy from ALS. Not convinced? Read more about true-life success stories from actual customers in this article.

Please Note: Whizzinator states that it is intended for novelty use only. This Whizzinator article is based on other people’s experiences with it and alternative uses for it.

Whizzinator Success Stories

If you’ve done any research into using fake urine or fake pee accessories for novelty use, you’ve likely heard of The Whizzinator. As the leader in the synthetic urine industry, The Whizzinator and associated products have been produced and sold by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS) for years and they have thousands of happy customers. 

What is the Whizzinator?

Before we get into the stories, let’s take a closer look at what The Whizzinator is. The Whizzinator is a device that is used to disperse fake urine in a realistic manner for novelty purposes. It’s a device that attaches to a belt that can be concealed beneath clothing and has a valve where realistic synthetic urine can be released quickly and discreetly.

The Whizzinator Touch
The Whizzinator Touch

In addition to the original Whizzinator product, ALS also sells the Whizzinator Touch, which includes a realistic prosthetic penis, and synthetic urine refills along with other necessary accessories. The Whizzinator products are intended for fetish or prank use.

Why Choose the Whizzinator?

There are a number of knock-offs of The Whizzinator as well as other companies that sell similar products. However, none of them are authentic Whizzinator products. ALS the provider and creator of the original Whizzinator have over 15 years of experience in the synthetic urine industry. Its commitment to customer service and quality has made them a leader in the industry.

ALS| Synthetic Urine for Sale

All of ALS's fake urine products are as close to the real thing as possible. They’ve matched the pH of real urine and even added in realistic smell and foam. With their heating pads, the synthetic urine can be heated to the correct temperature of real urine and they do not add fake preservatives that change the chemical makeup of the urine or make it less authentic.

True Whizzinator Success Stories

Online Whizzinator Reviews

User "ellisdelirious" on the Grasscity forums had this to say about the product:

Just wanted to share my story, as there are not a ton of real-life instances to be found online. At least in the positive manner lol.

So 9 days ago today I was called in for a random UA by my probation. Was literally shitting my pants, and all the information online with people being caught with whizzinators, or the lack of information with QuickFix being used for probation UA's did not help.

Had no choice but to give it a try myself and hope for the best. Biggest thing I can say for the whizzinator is practice! I used the touch version, and it can look like you are squeezing in a weird fashion if you do not practice. Get a mirror and do it over and over again.

After a few hours of practicing, it was my time to go to the lab. Next word of advice, remain calm. Attitude is another important factor, just don't be a stressed sketch ball lol. A lot of stories online seem like people were fidgety or looking around. Happy to say I made it out of the room without the observer saying anything or being arrested, issue one behind me!

Now was the fear of using synthetic urine. Not much online for probation tests that are sent to the lab. Well no call back and going on 10 days, so I feel at ease now!

Best advice is absolution (I know... I know... ) but if in a pickle and worried about present testing procedures, here to pitch in a little positivity. You are still taking a risk with the whizzinator, but all can still go smoothly and synthetic urine still does work!”

"Virus5877" had this to say about his experiences with The Whizzinator on Reddit:

I've had one since my probation 4 years ago. Worth. Every. Penny. Never had a mistake, never been caught. Passed 20+ tests, even being watched by a cop. Gotten over a dozen jobs. I use clean urine I get from friends, or online. Fake pee works fine too, but I wouldn't use that stuff on military or court analyses. Highly recommend!!!

There are plenty of other stories around the internet about people using The Whizzinator to prank their friends, as props in Halloween costumes, and for fetish use. The reviews are nearly universally positive: no matter what you use The Whizzinator for, it’s the highest quality synthetic urine product on the market.

If you need fake urine or fake pee accessories, get them straight from the source. When you buy Whizzinator products from the ALS website, you know you are getting authentic products backed by top-notch customer service. Don’t be fooled by the imitators! As mentioned by the real-life customers in this article, the Whizzinator products are the real deal and they work.


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