Whizzinator Products for Sale

By Angela W.
Here is a guide that will help you navigate the different types of Whizzinator products you may find and why you should always buy authentic products from trusted sites.

Whizzinator Products for Sale

If you’re interested in fake urine products and accessories for hobby, fetish, or other types of uses, you’ve likely heard about the Whizzinator. This product name has been around for years, and there’s a good reason for that: the Whizzinator products from ALS are dependable, high-quality, and have been fulfilling customer needs for over a decade.

However, some are still confused about whether or not they can get authentic Whizzinator products from other sources or if there are similar products that will give them the same results. That’s why we decided to provide a guide that will help you navigate the different types of Whizzinator products you may find and why you should always buy authentic products from trusted sites.

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The Whizzinator at Walgreens?

Looking to buy Whizzinator products but want to get them at your neighborhood drug store instead of online? It can be tempting to simply run to the nearest Walgreens or CVS when you’re in need of fake urine products or accessories, but this usually isn’t the best idea. Why? Because, depending on where the store is located, it must abide by various laws and retail regulations surrounding synthetic urine.

This means they may not have the Whizzinator for sale and that the products they do offer could be of lower quality. If you’re worried about the time it will take to order Whizzinator products online or that you won’t get good customer support from an online store, you can put those fears aside. ALS offers fast and discreet shipping and our dedicated customer service team is always available for questions.  

How to Buy Whizzinator Products Near Me 

The Whizz Kit or Female Whizzinator

Want to find the female Whizzinator or a Whizzinator kit near you? As mentioned above, it’s difficult to find Whizzinator products in many areas of the country due to laws and regulations. The easiest, quickest, and most dependable way to buy Whizzinator for men or female Whizzinator products is to go straight to ALS’s website. Of course, you may be lured to other sites that claim you can buy Whizzinator products at reduced prices.

Be very wary of any of these claims! Look at the Whizzinator reviews on the site (if there are any.) Did these products arrive as promised? Did they have the authentic Whizzinator packaging? While some sites have agreements with ALS to wholesale their products, many online claims of Whizzinator products for less are scams. If in doubt, always buy Whizzinator products from the ALS website to guarantee authenticity. 

The Whizzinator by ALS

ALS Logo- Authentic Whizzinator Seller

No matter what you need synthetic urine or accessories for, ALS is your most trusted source for a variety of products. In business for over 15 years, ALS is the maker of all the authentic Whizzinator products. This means you’re buying directly from the manufacturer and can always trust you will get authentic, quality products. Need a simple kit that includes authentic urine and a delivery system?

The Authentic Whizzinator Touch

We have the Whizz kit. Want a Whizzinator for men that delivers the most authentic experience with a prosthetic penis included? The Whizzinator Touch is for you. Whether you want to buy Whizzinator products for fetish, hobby, or other needs, you will always find the widest variety and best quality of products on the ALS website. 

What About a DIY Whizzinator?

DIY Whizzinator

Need synthetic urine right away or want to save money by making a DIY Whizzinator? Some people try this by purchasing urine from someone else or by trying to make it in their homes with products they find at the grocery store. However, you can’t guarantee quality or safety when you attempt to DIY the Whizzinator! ALS has years of experience and their team has perfected the art of making synthetic urine.

Their products are safe and as close as you can get to the real thing. They have the right pH balance, chemical makeup, and color and can be warmed to the exact right temperature with their heating pads. Their synthetic urine even foams like real urine! You simply cannot replicate this at home. If quality matters to you, you need to buy Whizzinator products online and not attempt to do it yourself.

What If I Need Whizzinator Refills?

Synthetic Urine Refills

Sometimes customers who have already spent the money on a Whizzinator kit wonder if they can get less expensive refills from their local drugstore or from discount websites. You really should not fill Whizzinator products with anything but authentic Whizzinator synthetic urine. The company can’t guarantee the quality or safety of anyone else’s fake urine and, as noted previously, local stores are very restricted when it comes to selling fake pee. If you’ve already invested in a Whizzinator kit, it’s well worth it to buy authentic refills from ALS to ensure quality. 

When deciding where to buy fake urine or accessories, it’s always best to know your options. When you do your homework, you’ll see that the Whizzinator products from ALS are the most trusted and highest quality products available on the market today.

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