What Is Hashish?

Hash, or hashish, is the most potent form of cannabis ingestion. This is mainly due to the fact that hash is made predominately from the tricomes of the marijuana flower. In this article, we'll discuss the history of hashish as well as how it's made.


History of Hashish

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The history of hashish can be dated as far back as 10,000 B.C. to central Asia or China. The term hashish, according to Wikipedia, originates from the Arabic word (حشيش) meaning grass. Hashish connects to many cultures and places around the world, and dates back centuries. Its usage can be traced from China, Morocco, India, and France.


What is hashish?  

hash, marijuana, weed, cannabis, hashish, smoking
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To understand what hashish is, we need to understand some terminology. When looking at a bud, you'll notice that there are white to translucent sticky goo located all around it. Those are called tricomes. Tricomes are important because that is where most of the THC and cannabinoids are contained, and that is what makes you feel high. Hashish is made primarily from the tricomes. 


How do you make hashish?

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Finger Hash
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There are several ways of making hashish, but the traditional way to do this is to "rub the buds in your hands to collect the kief and oils, and rub them until they are thick enough to scrape off. Then collect and press them into dark balls." said William Breathes of Ask A Stoner. "Finger hash like this goes back thousands of years to India but is still common around the world, especially in the Caribbean. Dry-sieve hash is another ancient method: Dried plants are banged over screens, dropping kief to a collection tray below; it's then pressed either by hand or with a mechanical press" continued Breathes. 


Hashish dates back centuries, and to this day, is still one of the most popular forms of consuming marijuana. It can easily be made at home, or purchased.