What is a Pinner Joint/Blunt?

By Anita L.
Every heard of a pinner joint or pinner blunt and have had no idea what it was? Let us explain the pinner joint to you and its novelty.

A pinner joint/ blunt is a well known for being a tightly symmetrically, rolled joint that is like a cigarette. It is said to help conserve marijuana in a shortage because it is smaller than a regular size joint. A pinner joint could also be called a Percy spliff.

At first glance, you may believe that because a pinner is smaller than a regular joint, it would be easier to roll and pack less of a punch. Looks can be very deceiving! Pinner joints are totally not what they appear to be visually or assumed to be used for.

Sometimes less is more! A pinner joint is a perfect way to match your tolerance level with a hard strain of marijuana. It is so easy to overindulge and waste the high that a pinner joint helps gauge and realistically measure your limits.This one way you can conserve and savor the weed.


A pinner is not only perfect in size for a quickie session, but can go the distance. It just isn’t the weed inside that makes a pinner joint so potent.

How a pinner joint/blunt is rolled does matter! As I stated above in the definition of a pinner joint/blunt is a “tightly symmetrical” rolled joint. Rolling technique is the crucial ingredient to rolling a pinner or any joint for that matter.

The secret ingredient in the recipe. It helps the joint burn slower providing more solid hits, in turn, providing a stronger high. Loosely rolled joints tend to burn faster and sometimes even fall out.

Remember it cannot be rolled too tight either or you run the risk of just burning weed with nothing in return. To ensure it does come out even, you must make sure to distribute the pot equally throughout the wrap.

Pinner joints also save time. Because they are smaller and pack a hefty punch, it's quicker to get high and more accessible.

Being small in size is an advantage to being able to hide or quickly execute your session.

Rolling a pinner joint isn’t considered novice level techniques, so take your time because practice makes perfect.

About the author: Anita L.

Anita- Holistic -loving, Aquarius. Born and raised in the heart of CA.
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