Weed Industry Takes Page From Wine Industry

Soon your weed might be organized very similar to the wine aisle at your local grocery store, by regions. As recreational marijuana begins to spread across the country, where the weed comes from has become more and more important. The availability of legal weed won’t be enough to draw in visitors from other states because there is already so many states that allow recreational marijuana.

California marijuana growers are beginning to take a page from winemakers and promote marijuana appellations. Growing a popular strain may not mean as much now that certification of an appellation has come into play. Like Napa Valley or New York’s Finger Lakes, cannabis cultivators of California will be able to brag about special qualities for their products’ origin.

Just as a certain variety of wine can be grown in different regions, so can marijuana. However, if an ounce of Tahoe OG Kush actually comes from a certified grower in the South Lake Tahoe area, a customer will undoubtedly be swayed to make that purchase. Humboldt county has been ahead of the appellation concept by launching a “proof of origin” pilot program in 2016.
We are excited to see that California is beginning to gain their place in the industry that they helped create. In our minds California should always reign supreme simply because of the time and passion that marijuana growers have been putting into it for over 20 years now.

The real question is if the recreational marijuana industry will, or maybe more realistic, when it will burst. For instance, Atlantic City in New Jersey saw a huge boom in economic activity after it embraced gambling, but once gambling became easier to find outside of the city it was quickly realized that there are only so many people who enjoy throwing money away for free drinks and comped hotel stays. We hope that California will learn from other industries and learn to build sustainably.