Urine Kits vs. Synthetic Urine Is It Worth It?

By Angela W.
For most of those who want to maintain their chosen lifestyle and still pass a urine test, buying fake urine from a reputable company is almost always the best option. You can buy synthetic urine by itself or in a kit designed specifically for your needs.

Urine Kits vs. Synthetic Urine 

If you need to take a drug test, you may be worried about what the test will reveal. If you are a medical student and need practice in urine testing you may find synthetic urine to be the most accurate without using real urine. 

Many people in the above situation are looking for a quick fix when it comes to passing their drug tests or using synthetic urine for educational purposes. You may think about buying clean urine from a friend, family member, or acquaintance. But there is no guarantee that the urine will be free from illicit substances and it may also be uncomfortable asking to buy someone else’s bodily fluids. 

For most of those who want to maintain their chosen lifestyle and still pass a urine test, buying fake urine from a reputable company is almost always the best option. You can buy synthetic urine by itself or in a kit designed specifically for your needs. This fake pee looks, smells, and acts just like urine from your own body if used correctly and can be the answer you’re looking for. Not sure if you need a vial of fake urine or if you should go all out and buy a fake urine kit? Here are the differences between synthetic urine and urine kits so you can decide which is best for your needs.

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What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic Urine: how does it work?

Synthetic urine is fake pee that is created to chemically match your own urine. It has the same pH, the same chemical makeup, and even has realistic scent and foam. If used correctly, synthetic urine is virtually undetectable in a urine test. You can buy synthetic urine by itself, such as with ALS’s Golden Flask synthetic urine vials.

These are ideal if you know you’ll be taking an unsupervised urine test and have a way to heat the urine to a believable temperature of around 99 degrees. As well as for people who are testing products like diapers and need an accurate representation of urine.

Buying synthetic urine by itself can also be an option for those who already have a urine kit they have used in the past and simply need to refill the device with new fake pee. The urine can be carried in a purse or backpack or taped to the body to be deposited into the collection receptacle at the time needed. 

Golden Flask Synthetic urine is premixed and comes with a heating pad, it is easy to use. It’s important to not open the flask until ready for use. The fluid should be used within 24 hrs of removing the cap. The synthetic urine is stable for one year, but you should use it as soon as you open the cap to ensure it maintains its integrity. 

What are Urine Kits?

Synthetic Urine Belt

Urine kits can be used to describe a number of different delivery systems intended to get your fake pee into a collection container in the most undetectable way possible. Urine kits are also commonly known to help fulfill sexual fantasies between partners in the most realistic way possible.

Urine kits all use fake pee, though most of the kits come with urine that has already been premixed and is in liquid form. Many of these kits can be re-filled with the Golden Flask, though. 

A basic type of urine kit, like the Whizz Kit, includes a syringe, cleaning solution, detachable belt, temperature gauge, and heating pads as well as the synthetic pee itself. The syringe can be used either to inject urine into a collection cup or it can be used to refill another type of urine kit such as the Whizzinator Touch.

Heating pads are helpful in warming the fake pee to a believable temperature and keeping it at that temperature for up to eight hours. It’s important that you keep the pee at around 99 degrees and one of the absolute best ways is with a heating pad specially made for this purpose. 

The Whizz Kit should be all you need to simulate that you are peeing. However, if you are a male and know your test will be supervised or really want to impress your partner you may want to upgrade to the Whizzinator Touch. The Whizzinator Touch has everything in the Whizz Kit plus a prosthetic penis. The penis can be operated with one hand and is extremely lifelike. It can be purchased in a number of different colors to match your natural skin tone and, with a little bit of practice, can be very effective in fooling anyone into thinking you are authentically peeing.

Why Would I Need Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic Urine

So who is the right customer for straight-up synthetic urine? It is actually a variety of different people, in the past, it has been known as strictly a drug testing product but is now more common as a novelty item than ever before. The fake pee can be reconstituted, then put into a baggie or other easy-to-transport container and either carried in a handbag or backpack or taped to the body.

The fake urine can be heated in the microwave if you want temporary warmth, but it is recommended you use heating pads as they are a more reliable method of heating fake pee to the right temperature and keeping it that way for an extended amount of time. Once it’s time to use the synthetic urine, simply take the urine out of your bag or un-tape it from your body and use it for whatever you intended it for. 

Fake pee is also great for those who already have a Whizz Kit or Whizzinator Touch and just want to refill it. Many kits can be used over and over as long as they are properly cleaned and stored. If you are someone who can see yourself using synthetic urine frequently, getting a kit and then buying refills of synthetic urine is probably the best way to go. 

Why Would I Need a Urine Kit?

Urine kits are good choices for those who want to make the illusion that they are peeing. These are the most complete options for making it seem believable that you are actually peeing. If you’re female, you can use The Whizz Kit and you can pass off as realistically peeing. Simply fill the bag with fake pee, attach the belt around your waist, and release the liquid when it’s time. 

If you’re male and will be facing observation, you might want to go all-out with The Whizzinator Touch just to be safe. Though it may look difficult to use at first, plenty of reviewers have stated that it’s a breeze as soon as you get familiar with how it works. Make sure to order it well in advance of your scheduled test so that you have time to practice with it. Remember, the Whizzinator Touch can be used multiple times, so it’s perfect for those who need a reusable product the dispenses synthetic urine. 

Where Can I Get Synthetic Urine and Urine Kits?

Alternative Lifestyles Solutions

Once you have made the decision that either synthetic urine or a urine kit is right for your needs, the next thing you need to do is decide where to buy it from. It’s important that you choose a company such as ALS that not only has experience in manufacturing these products, but also offers top-notch customer service in case you have questions.

Making synthetic urine and kits that will help make people pass it off as real is not an easy endeavor. ALS, the maker of Golden Flask, the Whizz Kit, and the Whizzinator Touch has been in business for over 15 years. They have put time and effort into making fake pee that is nearly indistinguishable from the urine your own body makes. By analyzing the proper pH, chemical makeup, and even smell and foam of real urine, ALS has created a product that, if used correctly, will help you in whatever urine scenarios you may need it in. 

Knowing the difference between fake pee and pee kits and when the right one is most appropriate, you can effectively save time, money and most importantly stress.

**ALS does not promote or endorse their products for drug testing purposes, follow all state and federal laws when using ALS products. They're intended as novelty items.

This is an opinion of Slyng after researching, testing and using these products.

The content of this blog and our articles are written from our experiences and perspectives. We do not encourage the use of illegal drugs or the use of any products for illegal purposes. By visiting this site, you agree that any use of information and products mentioned is at your own risk.

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