Update on California Weed Resort

By Kaitlyn M.
An update on what is happening with the proposed marijuana oasis.

We already knew about the cannabis company who purchase the entire town of Nipton, California. This interesting quiet oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert will become a weed connoisseurs dream. Let’s take a look at whats going on with American Green and their marijuana dream destination.


What Is Happening

Nipton has a hazy future ahead of itself- seeing as everyone who enjoys a good blunt will be headed there faster than you can say “lets toke”. There are already people doing so before this weed oasis is even built. People are wanting to speak with American Green (the company) about where the weed is- and that’s exactly what Toby Armstrong did.

Toby Armstrong, 62, drove up to the main Nipton store in her van and asked “You guys have the marijuana here. I heard about you on the news.” Armstrong travels in her van she converted into a living space all over the country. She was staying about an hour away from Nipton and thought she could get some weed for her pain relief.

Armstrong is a retired long-haul truck driver and has experienced aches and pains from many hours behind the wheel. She hasn’t tried weed in a long time but now that it is becoming socially acceptable (and legal) she wants to give it a go. Although she wants to be clear that it's not the high she is after at all.

“I’m not interested in being stoned for the rest of my life, but I sure could use a little pain relief,” said Armstrong.

Many people have the same feelings as she does. Pain in any form can become unbearable and life-changing. Many people are just looking for a little relief.

 The Plans

However, Armstrong was a bit early on heading to the marijuana resort- seeing as they are not fully open yet. So far though they have renovated a small café and has plans to expand housing options, restore postal services, add banks, and bring in glassblowers and weed entrepreneurs of all kinds. Stephen Shearin is one of the overseers for this project and he says,

“It’s really a combination of modernizing some things, returning other things to the way they were, and bringing in our own touches."

Shearin also wants to preserve the town but make it better. He says “This isn’t an 80-acre development of condos. People have been living there for 130 years. We’re evolving the town into the future.”

Every day Nipton, California is getting closer and closer to becoming a place people can go to smoke a bowl and chill without worrying about the legalities of it all or social opinion. People clearly want this to happen and don’t even want to wait for it to be built before they can do so. Even longtime Nipton residents are okay with this happening.

Jim Eslinger, who has lived here for eight years is excited to see the full potential of this project.

He said, “Amsterdam was my idea of heaven, and it looks like it might be coming here to me, right in the middle of nowhere. So far, all American Green has done is put a smile on this town’s face.”

Now we just have to wait for it to put a smile on our face once its open.


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