University of Denver offers First "Business of Marijuana" Course

The University of Denver is fully embracing the legality of marijuana in the state of Colorado. Last month, the Daniels School of Business launched the first "business of marijuana" course. This will be the third marijuana centered course offered at the University of Denver.  The class will run for ten weeks, and taught by assistant professor Paul Seaborn. 

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Professor Paul Seaborn

"We will really be tapping into all of those sources to try to get a clear picture of what's similar and what's different in this industry compared to other industries. Whether it's alcohol or tobacco, even automotive or biotech. Lots of comparing and contrasting to see what makes it unique and what are the common issues these industries have experienced in these early stages." said Seaborn. 

Seaborn proposed the idea of this course in the winter of 2016, and has had great support from the university. Currently, 24 students are taking the course, and they range from freshmen to graduate MBA students. But of course, this will be a difficult task because the cannabis industry is so new, and constantly changing. "Developing a brand-new course on such a sensitive and fast-changing topic is not a quick or simple task, but from my perspective it is a long-term investment worth making. Helping our students become better informed about this unique industry that is taking place all around them should make them more effective citizens and business professionals, regardless of how the industry or their career evolves." said Seaborn.

Professor Seaborn knows that he is making strides in the cannabis industry. But he's not the only one, students also have been looking forward to this. "For me taking this class, it's kind of like finally. I want to be the CEO of the Marlboro of marijuana, and so that's my goal. I want equity." said Matthew Comfort, a student at the University of Denver. 

Although, this is the first course of its kind, it won't be the last. As the legalization of marijuana continues in more states - more university's will follow in the University of Denver's footsteps and offer more courses centered around the cannabis industry.