UN Global study reveals results of cannabis study

By Manny C.
Review of global statistics, study provides validation for cannabis community.

It’s been almost three generations of waiting, but at long last the proof has been delivered. In July of this year the United Nations released the results of a worldwide review of cannabis encounters, including; statistics, medical reports, and other available information provided from dozens of countries. The results have produced a collective sigh of relief and frustration from the cannabis community, the study announced that there are zero cases of deaths related to cannabis in the world…. Ever. 


Legal cannabis markets are growing all over the country

After what is fair to assume is too many “I told you so”-esque tweets and shares, the reality has sunk in for many people and reignited a sense of activism and support for the legalization movement in America and other countries. However, the release of the UN led study is coincidentally accompanied by the release of a second report from a U.S. based study claiming that the findings show a link between cannabis consumption and car crashes since the first adult use laws were passed in 2012

The study conducted by the United Nations was overseen by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the reports findings conclude  that cannabis is the most cultivated, most consumed and most criminalized drug the UN office follows. The United Nations is an international group comprised of 193 countries. Representatives come together to address various topics that impact global interests and progress this can include: international peace, global security, promoting and protecting human rights, social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of disaster and armed conflict. The UN is the largest and most powerful international organization in the world, which makes this stud even more impactful to the cannabis community. 


The UN study reveals zero cannabis overdose deaths

Despite cannabis being the leading substance in all of these categories, UNODC reported zero fatal cannabis overdoses in 2015, which is unchanged from the previous year's report in 2014. A review of the study by the Cannabist analysts pointed out another important aspect of the study, “among the younger age groups (12-17 years and 18-25 years), changes in the prevalence of non-medical cannabis use were not statistically significant and not considered to be related to the measures that allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes.” This means that recreational use of cannabis by minors has changed so little, it’s literally not worth measuring and the increases in consumption are related to medical cannabis. The study goes on to provide several more important findings that further push the veil back and reveal the reality and depth of falsehoods that arose from the Reagan era war on drugs. 

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About the author: Manny C.

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