Top Ways to Stop Coughing When you Smoke

By Andy A.
Take it easier on your lungs by learning techniques to stop coughing when you smoke.

Have you ever heard the saying “If you ain't choking you ain't smokin”? Most of us have experienced the intense and somewhat awful feeling of choking on when you inhale. It can feel like fire in your throat and it can make your eyes water or get sick if you're not careful.

If you're a newer member of our cannabis family, we want to make sure you know how to smoke properly. This will save your throat and lungs from a horrible coughing session. That’s why we have made a list of top tips to help you stop coughing when you smoke.

Let's get down to it so you can get ready for your next smoke session with confidence!

Grind Your Bud

Green Monkey Grinders

Having a good grinder is key to having the best smoking experience possible. A grinder will give you an even and fine blend which means there will be less chance of clogs thanks to a better burn. This is due to the airflow that is getting in between your bud.

If you are in need of a high-quality grinder, check out Green Monkey Multi-chamber grinders which runs for $45.00. It's designed to break up your weed as finely as possible for the best hit every time. Use code MONKEYSLYNG” for an awesome 15% OFF your entire order from Green Monkey Grinders site!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Inhaling Smoke

Have you ever smoked and instantly coughed due to how fast you took in the smoke? This is a common problem and can be fixed if you pay attention to how you’re hitting that joint or bowl. Gently inhaling the smoke at an even and slow speed is the best way to do it.

This will ensure you get a great hit and you won't be inundated with the awful fire in the throat feeling that we are desperately trying to avoid. If you're a brand new smoker, I recommend inhaling through your piece without anything in it to test it out. Then just practice milking your hit so you know how to do it.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air


While you are taking a hit, try breathing in a bit of fresh air. This will ensure that you reintroduce oxygen into your lungs which will help them stay cool. The oxygen will also help you to keep your breathing steady so you’re not hacking up a lung in the next 20 seconds.

If you’re smoking with a bong, you can do the same thing by pulling the carb out before you completely fill your lungs. Pulling the carb allows air to get into the bong which in turn will reach your lungs for a smoother hit.

Take Small Hits and Exhale Slowly

Smoking Tips

Like stated above, slow and steady wins the race and that saying rings true in smoking weed. You might want to start off taking a big hit from a bong, but that will kill you instantly with a nasty cough. To avoid this, build up to those big hits.

Start by taking a small hit to test your lungs and see what you can handle. Then slowly build up to bigger hits each time. Then you can test yourself to see how long to hold the smoke in your lungs.

If you’re feeling like you’re going to cough, slowly start to exhale your hit at the same pace you drew it in with. This will ensure that if you do cough, it will be less intense and easy to get over.

Pick up a Bubbler Attachment

Hammer Style Bubbler

While these tips should help you immensely, sometimes people need something to help them out. In this case, there are a couple of products that can help you have a smoother hit. One of those products is a bubbler attachment for your piece.

A bubbler is similar to a regular dry pipe with a mouthpiece, bowl, a usually a carb hole. The stem is meant to hold a small amount of water which will actually filter the smoke to make it cleaner. The water also helps to cool the hit which will feel nicer on your throat and in your lungs.

Many companies offer great bubblers, some of them simple while others offer interesting and intricate designs. This simple glass bubbler from BoroDirect will get the job done for about $27.99. Use the DankGeek coupon on Slyng for 15% OFF sitewide! 

Use Cold Water or Ice

Get Cooler Rips

Filling your water bong with cold water or ice will help immensely with coughing. This is because the coolness of the water or ice will provide a cooling sensation to your throat and lungs. This is a great way to ease yourself into taking bigger hits because they won't bother you as much and help to build a tolerance.

There are many water bongs you can pick up that range from affordable for simple ones to expensive for the everyday user. But if you're looking to turn your current bong into an ice bong, you can try the Chill Hit Mouthpiece. It’s a mouthpiece that freezes and can be attached to bongs with a diameter of 1” or above and only costs $24.99.

We hope that you can use these tips to have the best smoking experience possible! For more awesome tips and information, keep up with the cannabis blog here at Slyng!


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