Top 6 Influential People Who Consume Marijuana

Have you ever wondered which top dogs are stoners? You're in for a wonderful surprise.

The concept that cannabis makes people stupid and lazy is one of the longest-endearing negative – and false – stigmas of weed out there. But these six guys prove that not only can you smoke weed and be smart, you can smoke weed and be a straight-up genius.


#1 Rick Steves

Rick Steves

A prominent world voyager and travel ace, Rick Steves has gathered an area out of his vitality for examination and appreciation of the world abroad. While Steves has a sweeping learning of world travel, he is moreover an innovative promoter for cannabis legitimization. 

Steves, a board individual from NORML and a standard speaker at Seattle's Hemp Fest, is a vigorous promoter for the change of medicine laws, inclining toward the European approach of overseeing controlled substances as a general welalbeing matter instead of a criminal one.


#2 Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan, the childhood hero of many of us who look at the sky and wonder what lies beyond the limit of what whe see, is one of the pot users.  To some degree more astounding is Sagan's usage of pot. Sagan had wide data of the plant through his own usage, and credits its use with stimulating a more significant understanding inside him. In 1969 Sagan penned a composition under the pseudonym. X, assuming that "the rebellion of cannabis is ludicrous, an impediment to full utilization of a pharmaceutical which conveys the quietness and comprehension, affectability and organization so desperately required in this certainly dangerous world."

At Slyng we cannot agree more. Maybe DTJ and his croonies need to just smoke a bowl and we'll have a slightly less dangerous world.


#3 Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

It's outstanding that the ex-CEO of Apple routinely smoked cannabis in the seventies. Employments says he utilized weed for the most part for unwinding and motivation amid his vocation, and said that exploring different avenues regarding hallucinogenic was one of the "a few most imperative things" he at any point did in his life.


#4 Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Alright, disclaimer time: Neil deGrasse Tyson has never freely pushed or admitted to cannabis use, in truth he has been on record denouncing the negative impacts of cognizant adjusting substances as a pathway to comprehension.  Now that that is off the beaten path we should start the wild hypothesis that is such a sign of present day news coverage.  We sure hope NdT gets to enjoy his quiet and comtemplative time about Cosmos with a puff of the medicinal herb.


#5 Seth Green

Seth Green

Concerning pot use, Green has dependably been one of those folks that implicitly admits to it without really coming appropriate out and saying it. In a meeting with Time Magazine Green expressed that, "A disturbing number of individuals need to smoke pot with me. A ton of things I've done, individuals who smoke a considerable measure of pot discover amusing or engaging. I ponder what that implies”.


Bill Gates 

bill gates,kush

With the capacity to jump a seat from a standing position and more cash in his ledgers than a few nations have in their treasury, Mr. Gates may appear like an authentic rebel.  In any case, few individuals will deny that the Microsoft originator is a geek. He broadly said that individuals ought to be decent to geeks, as you will one day no doubt be working for one.  It is supposed (and affirmed in no less than one historical record) that Gates utilized weed in school, and his support for the legitimization of weed in his home condition of Washington is no mystery.

Now for the conspiracist out there, have you wondered what is the real genius behind the success of MS-DOS?  And why there isn't a strain that named MS DOS?  Just sayin'