Top 5 Professional Athletes That Smoke Marijuana

Meet the top athletes who love weed.

#1 Michael (Fort Knox Can’t Hold All My Gold) Phelps

Gold Medalist Michael Phelps

He loves to treat a throbbing agonizing quality with cannabis. Phelps was gotten in motion picture shape smoking from a bong in 2009, just 3 months after his essential 8 gold honor wins in Beijing. Phelps was suspended for some time in view of the shame. 

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, Phelps has transformed into the USA untouched driving medalist. With his 2-gold embellishment wins on Tuesday, Phelps tied Leonidas of Rhodes 2,168-year-old record for individual gold's, with 12. Leonidas is celebrated to be one of the speediest sprinters ever. Cannabis was especially dominating during his time, is it possible there is a "canna-relationship" among Phelps and Leonidas?


#2 Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt yielded that as an adolescent encountering adolescence in Jamaica, he now and again used cannabis. Shock hasn't had any run-ins with the International Olympic Committee regarding cannabis use while fighting, yet I speculate that he knows how to keep things peaceful. 

By and by, Bolt is THE speediest man alive. If he needs to thank weed for that title, I'm sure that' be OK. 

Jolt, who ran his at first race (100m) this Saturday, starting late said in a meeting that he will win gold in each one of the three events he is running. There is obviously an air of conviction that includes Olympians like Phelps and Bolt. Is it "canna-assurance"?


#3 Ross Rebagliati

Ross Rebagliati

Ross Rebagliati does not have the name affirmation that Phelps and Bolt do, yet his part in cannabis procedure change in the Olympics is gigantic. In 1998, Rebagliati was conceded a gold beautification for snowboarding, however not before testing positive for THC. 

Fortunately, the International Olympic Committee hadn't set cannabis on the limited substances list yet, so they couldn't take his honor away. Not long after Rebagliati's continue running in with the Olympic weed haters, the Committee voted to add THC to the disallowed substances list. 

It remains on the once-over, yet in 2013 the Committee voted to grow the palatable nanograms to 150 with a ultimate objective to isolate among dynamic and idle customers.


#4 Nicholas Delpopolo

Nicholas Delpopolo

Nicholas Delpopolo is an American Judo contender. At the 2012 London Games, Delpopolo tried positive for THC and was in this manner restricted from the amusements. He guaranteed that he was unconsciously given a consumable that was bound with THC. 

Regardless of whether he ate the palatable intentionally is questionable. I would need to expect that an Olympic level warrior knows his body. He is not going to chance an ass whipping in view of being too high.

And last, but definitely not least


#5 Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson is the solitary female on this gold award beat 5. Anderson won Olympic Gold in the 2014 Sochi Games for Women's Slopestyle. Winter sports stars are regularly taken a gander at with a suspicious eye with regards to marijuana utilize. 

Although Anderson did not fall flat a medication test, nor was she rebuffed for cannabis utilize, she led correspondents to trust that she is a cannabis client.