Top 10 Rappers Who Smoke Marijuana

In hip-hop, weed has been a bit of the lifestyle for an impressive period of time. Rappers have been moving joints and smoking doobies for a significant long time.

Best 10 Weed Rappers: A weed rapper is a rapper who is synonymous with cannabis. A fair piece of the expert's music is about weed and in addition the specialist's photo is that of a stoner. We situated rappers develop both considering quality and achievement of their music and on their photo as a stoner.

#10 Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA

The self-communicated Kush God, Smoke DZA is a lover of the sticky green, and in addition he is decently a pro. Honestly, he smokes so much pot that his moniker was animated by Smokey, the outrageous weed-head from "Friday."


#9 Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q

Even though Kendrick Lamar, doesn't smoke weed, Schoolboy Q smokes enough for the them two. The "Paradoxical expression" maker once stated, "I approach my weed with deference," while showing his fans how to roll the ideal limit.

#8 Curren$y


With respect to the sticky green, Curren$y Spitta falls in line fitting by Smoke DZA and Wiz Khalifa.  Basically look at his tune titles, for instance, "Mary," 'Devour an Ounce' and 'Rapper Weed,' just to give a few cases.

#7 A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has smoked with the best of them. Outside of the Mob obviously, he has even blown it down with Daft Punk and individual "pot head" Rihanna, among others.

#6 Jadakiss


Jadakiss is one of various MCs whose verses detail his love for pot. His most adored strain happens to be Purple Haze, not at all like his LOX accumulate mate Styles P, who has a feeble spot for Sour Diesel.

#5 Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a director who does everything immense. So when he commended close-by Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang in December 2014, it was nothing surprising the Miami wear was spotted smoking one of the greatest joints anytime seen. Wiz named it the "best joint known to man."

#4 Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne esteems weed such an awesome measure of, to the point that in scene eight of his 'Weezy Wednesdays' plan, he regarded the date 4/20 by smoking what called the "world's greatest utmost."

#3 Drake


Drake may be a lady’s man, yet in the meantime he's known for his point of confinement totin' ways. Last June, the OVO pioneer smoked curiously before a group of people since Wiz Khalifa. "I've never done this in my life during a show".

#2 Wiz Khalifa

The Prince of Green, Wiz Khalifa

Wherever there is Wiz, there is weed. The rapper assembled a whole music realm off his enthusiasm for weed.


And the Number One Weed Rapper, the King of Green and a true legend....


#1 Snoop Dog

The Weed Legend, Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has been the King of Chronic since the '90's. He is one of the essential rappers to pass on recreational weed use to the forefront and make it to some degree commendable for the hip-ricochet valuing set to blow it down transparently. A vigorous supporter of pot authorizing,