Tokeativity: The Weed Social for Women

By Kaitlyn M.
What women are doing to promote women empowerment with weed.

There are many events whose main focus is on weed. Whether that is conversations about what weed does for each person and society, or just getting together and having a good time. There is a company named Tokeativity who creates weed socials (like ice cream socials but way better) made for women with a bit of a twist ( besides you know… the weed).


Who Are Tokeativity

Tokeativity says on their website that its “a cannabis community for women”. It was created by Lisa Snyder, Lisa Montanaro, and Samantha Montanaro in Portland, Oregon. They also say on their website that their “intention is to nurture a safe space for women to create, learn and connect. Whether you are a first timer or daily consumer, all women are welcome to join”.

You can sign up for workshops and classes. You can also see music performances, guest artists, speakers, workshop leaders, networking, films and much more. Each event donates to a different cause that they believe in. Basically, it is the coolest “school” you’ve ever heard of.

A little before Halloween, they had an event called The Tokeativity Social: Witchy Woman where they asked participants to dress up like witches and BYOB (bring your own bud). So women from all over came together in the night, dressed like the hotter version of the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus and smoked some good bud. Women of all ages and backgrounds relaxed and laughed as well as exchanging business cards and social media handles.

 Why They Are Doing This

Whats interesting about Toketivity events is that they're basically a big chill party, but they offer so much more. Lisa Snyder, Lisa and Samantha Montanaro spend their time bringing women together for empowerment and to create a sense of community. They all have amazing backgrounds in design, marketing, traditional and non-traditional media.

They are mothers, wives, friends, and boss women.  They know how challenging it can be, being a hard-working woman in today’s day in age, and they want to help. They want to give women a safe and epic environment where they can get down and party without worrying about anything.

 The Next Toketivity Event

Every event these women plan is cool and innovative. Their next event is the Back to the 90’s social on November 17th from 7-10 PM where you can make your own slap bracelets, music by DJ Caryn, and many more 90’s inspired events. Tickets are available now and Scorpios can get an additional $3.00 off.

I love hearing about companies like this that inspire women to be who they are and give them a safe place to let go. Tokeativity offers many different cultural aspects of the weed community to women who need to take a break and deserve to take a break. Along with donating money to charities that they believe in, from their events and all of their classes they offer.  

These women are doing a lot for their community in Portland, Oregon and I hope they continue to shower every woman in the their area with empowerment, positivity and weed.


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