The US Government Apparently has No Clue on How To Grow Marijuana

This week has been an awfully crazy one in terms of the world of marijuana. From Jeff Sessions saying that  "Marijuana is only slightly less awful than heroin," to 93% of various California dispensaries containing pesticides. And now, we have got more to add on. Earlier this week, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies released photos from their research with the National Institute for Drug Abuse. 

Sue Sisley, who provided the photos, is a researcher who is embarking on the first clinical trial to test the efficacy of medical marijuana for military veterans suffering from PTSD. When Sisley received her batch of federally grown marijuana, she noticed a stark difference between federal and commercially grown marijuana, and she was quite blown away by the stark differences. 

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In order to be able to fully study and comprehend the psychological effects of marijuana, scientists need to be able to rely on the government to supply marijuana that is similar to what the public consumes. As you can tell from the photo above, it looks totally different. The federally grown marijuana has a completely different texture, and resembles nothing to that of a flower. 

Federal weed is grown in a single facility at the University of Mississippi, and is overseen by the National Institute for Drug Abuse. But there are many more problems besides just the aesthetic. The federally grown weed does not even perform up to standard, for instance, it maxes out at 13% THC. While in most states, THC% averages around 16-20, depending on the strain. 

This arises many questions for researchers and the public, alike. If the government is unable to supply marijuana that is similar to that of commercially consumed weed, then how can we fully trust government researchers and their studies? In turn, this will further cause the process of finding out the true benefits and harms of marijuana and keep the cycle of prohibiting marijuana running rampant.