The Most Cannabis-Efficient Way to Getting High

By Colby O.
Get high on a budget, just because it grows on trees doesn't mean it should be wasted.

If you’re like 99% of people, you don't have an unlimited monthly budget for cannabis. Wasting your precious weekly or monthly reserves is the last thing you want to do. In a perfect world, a gram or an eight would last you a whole week or a whole month. I can’t guarantee either, but I can help you get as close to it as realistically possible.


The Ideal Step-By-Step Method

The ideal way to not waste any of your precious flowers is to inhale all of the smoke it creates and hold it in for as long as possible. To be able to do this you need either a bowl, bong or any glass piece available to you (Sorry, joints and blunts are not applicable to this method).

  1. Grind your flower as finely as possible or pick it apart as fine as possible if you don’t have a grinder
  2. Pack your bowl very lightly, a small amount you think you would be able to take in one go
  3. Now you want to prepare your breathing for a long and milky hit, or semi-milky depending on the amount of bud you’re using.
  4. Now you want to very slowly light and inhale to ensure all the flower is burnt and that it does not fall through your bowl without it being fully scorched
  5. Continue inhaling until you clear all of the smoke
  6. Hold it in for as long as you can handle
  7. Repack your bowl with more or less bud
  8. Repeat

You may want to give yourself a few minutes to determine how strong that previous bowl was and repeat until you reach your desired high. You can build up to bigger bowls once you’re acclimated to “snapping” bowls. If you don’t know, the act of snapping a bowl is basically scorching the whole bowl in one go.

The same concepts would apply to cannabis in oil format. You simply take a glob of oil that you would be able to clear in one go and make sure you’re quick with your carb cap. The only difference is you may not want to hold it in for too long as oils are usually multiple times stronger than flower and in my experience kicks me in the throat a little bit harder.


The Alternative

Other methods include getting high through edibles. But with edibles, the effect is not as immediate (30 minutes - 1 hour) and takes the experience away from taking a milky hit off of a bong or joint. Another thing with edibles is that not all are equally potent throughout the whole cookie, brownie, etc. Most edibles have areas of the treat that are more potent than others.

For example, you could eat half of a brownie and feel slightly buzzed after an hour. But if you were to eat the other half, it could potentially contain 80% of the THC and give you a very strong high. If you ever find yourself short on cannabis and cash, remember the method of snapping bowls and holding it til’ you choke.


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About the author: Colby O.

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