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By Kaitlyn M.
There are many women paving their way into the marijuana industry and I had the privilege of speaking to one of them. Here is the interview with the Marijuana Mommy.

I was recently on Twitter and found a post about pot brownies which made me stop scrolling immediately- who doesn’t like brownies? It was a post from a blog called Marijuana Mommy ran by Jessie Gill from New Jersey. She posts everything from educational articles to delicious recipes that you can attempt at home.

When you read her posts, you see that she is just like us- going through life trying to make sense of all the crazy things that happen, but she does it with the help of marijuana. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessie Gill and we spoke about her life, blog, her view on parents who use weed, and women in the cannabis industry. Here is a deeper look into the mind of Marijuana Mommy.

Interview with Jessie Gill AKA Marijuana Mommy

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Q: I took a look at your blog and was wondering when you started it and what inspired you to start it?

A: It all began when an injury ended my nursing career and altered my life. Several years ago, I was working as a hospice nurse when a freak accident changed everything. The injury left me with chronic muscle spasms and extensive nerve damage.

Traditional treatments, including a multi-level spinal fusion, left me in worse shape. I was surviving on valium and opiates around the clock when my mom, who’s also a registered nurse, convinced me to try medical marijuana. I was reluctant but once I tried it, I was blown away by my results.

I still have a lot of limitations, but I’m off of all the opiates and valium, and cannabis has addressed my pain better than any other medication I’ve ever tried. I could see there was a major knowledge deficit, and I knew if I was reluctant to try marijuana others were too, so I started my blog to help people learn more about cannabis.

Q: What is your favorite part about having a cannabis-themed blog?

A: The thing I love most is helping others. Positively impacting other people’s lives is a need for me. Losing my vocation as a hospice nurse was crushing, so being able to help others again is restorative. I receive countless emails from people all over the world that have improved their life and embraced cannabis after discovering my story.

I also really enjoy people’s reactions outside of the cannabis industry. Often, when I meet someone, and I say, “I’m a canna-blogger,” their eyes get wide and they look confused. Then when I tell them the name of my site is, their eyes get even wider. People never expect that I’m involved in cannabis, so I find it’s a great way to challenge the stigma.

Q: You have a lot of amazing recipes on your blog. Do you have a favorite?

A: Oh there’s so many… Since I’m usually the only consumer in my house, I make a lot of single serving and small batch recipes, this chocolate canna-cake is one of my favorites and probably the edible I make most often. These Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Chip Cheesecake bars have been visiting my kitchen a lot lately too. They’re sooo delicious and make a pretty presentation.

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Q: Do you have a favorite topic to cover on cannabis whether that's cooking, mental health, legalization, etc.?

A: Health! I’m a registered nurse so all things health-related fit into my wheelhouse. I’m also a science and data fiend, so I’m stoked about loads of new cannabis-related research being routinely published. The science scene surrounding cannabis is thrilling because this plant has hardly been studied. Cannabis science a new frontier for adventurous researchers!

Q: You have a link to the Pretty Pipe Shop. Is this your store? If so that's awesome and what made you choose to create pipes?

A: I was tired of all the same-old, not-pretty stuff sold in traditional pipe shops. I wanted glass pieces that were pretty and unique, but I also needed them to be affordable. And so, was born. We curate pretty designs from around the world and ship directly to the consumer. We have everything from pretty glass spoons to elaborate pastel bongs. We also have some really fun pieces, like the Little Duck Dabber. Plus, we offer a full line of vaporizers for those who prefer to vape.


Q: You have received much recognition for your blog and your way of thinking. How has that affected you? Does it add pressure or excite you to create more content?

A: It does both! It’s exciting and kind of incredible how far my story is going, but it definitely adds pressure too. As a mom, I’m always worried about how the press could impact my kids. There are still so many people brainwashed by prohibition.

Q: You also have a lot of social media followers. Do you have people you speak to a lot or people who question your methods?

A: I’ve been fortunate. I have a really strong support system in my life. But of course, I still encounter opposition too. There are people out there who stringently oppose cannabis. And honestly, I can relate--after all, I was once opposed to cannabis myself. So, when I receive pushback, I usually just tell people that I get it and I’ll be here in the future if they ever need more info. Here’s an example of a recent LinkedIn exchange I had.

Q: Your name makes it is very clear that you are a "marijuana mom". Was there a reason you chose that name for your blog and social media accounts?

A: There were so many reasons for choosing that name. First, is to embrace and honor marijuana culture. Secondly, it’s a way to attack the fearful stigma associated with the plant. Stigmas change as a result of honest education and by creating new associations.

Associating a fearfully-charged word like marijuana, with a more positively charged word like mommy, shocks, and surprises. The juxtaposition takes a little bit of the fear out of the plant, and that’s exactly what my website is designed to do.

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Q: Have you ever been judged for using marijuana because you are a mother?

A: Yes, of course. Absolutely. But I get over it pretty quickly. I KNOW I’m a better mom thanks to marijuana. I try not to focus on what uneducated people think.

Q: What can you say to other parents who use cannabis to help with health or mental issues that feel judged for it?

A: The most important thing is for parents to follow the law because the most dangerous thing about marijuana is the law. No parent that is using cannabis responsibly should feel judged. Especially, if it’s for health.

Q: More and more women are getting into the marijuana industry every day. What would you say to them about being true to themselves and the product/information they provide?

A: Go for it! Our voices need to be heard and there is so much room in this industry! Always be learning and always be yourself.

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I love speaking to women in the cannabis industry and get their opinions on the way marijuana is looked at in general. It is awesome seeing someone who was injured and scared who took that and made a business around her healing process! We need more women to stand up for what they believe in for the cannabis industry.


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